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(Oct 12, 2016)
Survival in the Field section has been rewritten too!
(Oct 12, 2016)
The Law Enforcement section of the Field Manual has been revised!
(Oct 06, 2016)
My laptop charger literally caught fire today. Might not be on for the next few days while I wait for a new one.
(Oct 04, 2016)
The lag took me out of the game
(Oct 03, 2016)
My mom is in town until the weekend, so as it has been already, my event attendance is either going to be sparse or non-existent. Sorry guys!
(Sep 27, 2016)
Family vacation, ahhh. Gonna be trying to connect from a hotel room for the next few days. XD
(Sep 26, 2016)
Yesterday I was having problems with my PC. I think I got it fixed, but we'll see.
(Sep 22, 2016)
Finally got to a pc. Sorry guys, mine blew up, will be after first of the year before I get one. Do what you need to do, sorry to waste your time.
(Sep 22, 2016)
Drop bears, Vic. Drop bears
(Sep 22, 2016)
Did a dingo eat your internet?
(Sep 22, 2016)
My Australian internet is (as the locals say) buggered, so my attendance in events for the next few days might be shaky while my ISP sorts the issue out. Apologies in advance!
(Sep 17, 2016)
Check out the Stormheim campaign post!
(Sep 13, 2016)
Going to be updating the page over the next few days!
(Sep 13, 2016)
School's hitting me hard, dunno how active I'll be through this week and maybe next week. Have fun all!
(Sep 12, 2016)
So where is the section with everyones portraits at??