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(Dec 14, 2016)
Blizzpls, stop nerfing prot warriors, kthx
(Dec 07, 2016)
Don't forget to sign up for the IC Gift Exchange!
(Dec 02, 2016)
In order to complete the Kirin Tor emissary quest, you have to relog after completing a WQ for it.
(Nov 24, 2016)
Happy turkeyday!
(Nov 23, 2016)
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
(Nov 18, 2016)
KNIGHTS! Please send me a mail in-game with your knighted characters full name and moniker.
(Nov 16, 2016)
WoW's 12th anniversary is happening now! New rewards and a daily are available!
(Nov 06, 2016)
(Nov 06, 2016)
Check out the new map of Westridge!
(Nov 06, 2016)
(Nov 05, 2016)
(Nov 05, 2016)
LEEDEL LEEDEL LEEDEL *swings a flail around*
(Nov 05, 2016)
Paladins and warriors are getting flailfs :O
(Oct 28, 2016)
My mother needs help moving, so I may be a bit late today. Just a heads up.
(Oct 21, 2016)
D&D Information is now on the forums! Make your character sheet!
(Oct 20, 2016)
That matches up with the Iron War Westfall Rebellion on our campaigns page!
(Oct 19, 2016)
I found something in my screencap folder. Circa April 2015 when I started playing again.
(Oct 16, 2016)
I'm about to be...
(Oct 16, 2016)
Ugh no ones onnnnnnn