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(Oct 13, 2013)
(Oct 11, 2013)
:D be safe
(Oct 11, 2013)
Might not be on all that much today. I'll be around later this weekend!
(Oct 10, 2013)
I will not be around tonight. For those that need me. Work runs till 12:30 am. <3 Much love, I will be with you friday.
(Oct 10, 2013)
Updated the recruitment application to say <The First Regiment> instead of <Westridge Cavaliers> :X
(Oct 09, 2013)
More people need to be active on the forums!
(Oct 08, 2013)
(Oct 08, 2013)
Much to read, You heathens. Do it!
(Oct 08, 2013)
Almost done with the update!
(Oct 07, 2013)
Poke and Prod
(Apr 27, 2012)
Mattie here. Making your site pretty!