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Service Record

A member's Service Record is how The First Regiment tracks their progress and promotion eligibility. In an effort to give clear guidelines for our desires from the guild’s members, we have listed actions that would either positively or negatively impact their chances for advancement. Some actions are weighted more in how they impact one’s service record.

Please read the Guild Rules page for a complete list of player conduct expectations for our members.

Please read the Stormwind Army Field Manual for all in-character rules and expectations.

Note: This page was last updated on 12/5/2017.

Positive Impacts:

  • (Very High Impact) Earning in-character commendations or awards.
  • (High Impact) Attending the majority of a guild role-playing campaign.
  • (High Impact) Completing approved major guild writing projects or guides in full.
  • (High Impact) Consistently role-playing with guild members outside of events.
  • (Medium Impact) Hosting guild events every month.
  • (Medium Impact) Excellent guild event attendance.
  • (Medium Impact) Assisting with approved guild writing or art projects.
  • (Medium Impact) Consistent demonstration of proper in-character conduct and protocol.
  • (Medium Impact) Providing regular assistance to other members with PvP or PvE.
  • (Medium Impact) Positive outreach to other guilds.
  • (Low Impact) Long term membership in the guild.
  • (Low Impact) Attending guild role-playing events.
  • (Low Impact) Contributing relevant items to the guild bank.

Negative Impacts:

  • (Low Impact) Minor in-character rule violations, per violation.
  • (Low Impact) In-character behavioral issues that require coaching.
  • (Medium Impact) Chronic in-character rule violations.
  • (Medium Impact) Poor guild event attendance.
  • (High Impact) Any violation of in-character rules resulting in flogging or detainment.
  • (High Impact) Chronic or serious violations of out-of-character Guild Rules.
  • (Very High Impact) Serious violation of in-character rules that yields a court martial.

Every individual within the first regiment will be held accountable for their actions. Actions that further the guild's unity and progress will yield praise and reward, while actions that hinder the guild's unity and progress will yield warning and punishment.