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he First Regiment employs a great deal of fan-fiction in its role-play - expanding upon what official lore is available and writing our own place into Azeroth's history. While we do not expect anyone outside of our guild to acknowledge this fan-fiction, members of the first regiment are generally expected to try to incorporate the regiment's Lore into their character's histories and stories.

Any and all relevant regiment lore will be posted below in appropriate categories. If you would like your own work to be considered for the "official" listing of fan-fiction, don't hesitate to ask Maxen with a Website Message!

he First Regiment
of the Elwynn Brigade is the unit of the Stormwind Army that hails from the Duchy of Westridge. Commanded by Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair, it endured the Orcish Wars and has won glory and honor through conquest in the name of the House of Wrynn. Any documents or histories pertaining to The First Regiment will be listed here.

he Duchy of Westridge is a fief within the realm of the Kingdom of Stormwind. It is composed of the mountainous land, foothills, and coast south and west of Stormwind City. The House of Montclair has reigned over Westridge for generations, building up its infrastructure after the lords of Stormwind declared independence from the Arathorian Empire. Any documents or histories pertaining to the Duchy of Westridge will be listed here.

Westridgean Lore

Orders of Westridge

Documents of Westridge

he human Kingdom of Stormwind stands as the largest bastion of humanity in Azeroth. It acts as a driving force of leadership, commerce, and culture for the Alliance under the noble rule of the House of Wrynn. Having recovered from the losses sustained during the Orcish Wars and the Age of Chaos, Stormwind stands ready to aid its allies after securing several victories against those who threatened the people of Azeroth. Any documents or histories pertaining to the Kingdom of Stormwind will be listed here.

ny Scholarly Works or documents that do not fit into other categories will be listed here.