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Ardan Coward

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Joined: Dec 27, 2018
Country: United States of America
Hello! I'm Elf! Nice to meet you! I'm the creator of the WarCraft 3 campaign Chasing the Dawn, an officer in the Scarlet Classic guild Hand of the Unblinded, and just a general lore nut.

If you'd like to chat, message me on Discord! I'm Elf#2448. Always pleased to talk shop. <3

I also do WoW character renders - only stills for now, but I'm working on it! If you'd like to commission one, send me a message and we can talk! My base price is $10 (US) - this includes the character in one pose and a background of your choice, as well as any changes or corrections you want made. $5 for each additional pose and $5 for each additional person in the shot. Prices are negotiable; I'm still learning after all!