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[Pinned] Shivtr Forum BBcode!

Shivtr Forum BBcode!The following article is extremely helpful for those who want to spice up their forum posts with images, preformatted text, and font sizes:» BBcode Editor
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[Pinned] Guild Leadership Tips

I posted this on Moon Guard Forums and thought I might as well post it here. I've also been around and leading RP guilds since late BC, and I've learned a few things along the way. Here are some general tips: Everything you say and do on text bas...
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[Pinned] Old Guild Websites

<The First Regiment> has had a number of guild websites in its different forms over the past few years. All of the guild's former websites will be posted here! Website:
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Roster of the Fourth Company, "The Reserve"

OOC Note:The purpose of this roster is to keep track of the names of those who serve within the 4th Company, and their status. Additionally, this document will keep track of any heroic deeds performed by its members, for proper accommodation eithe...
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Tournament of Ages Gallery

Came across this picture on Reddit from the opening day. Wish I could have been there but had family in from out of town. Looking good!
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TFR survey!

This is a quick little survey made by the staff for an inter-guild evaluation to help us improve so we can all have an awesome experience when BfA comes out!1. How long have you been in this guild?2. How did you hear of TFR?3. Why did you decide t...
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Does Anyone Remember Me?

Okay, so does anyone by any chance remember me? I was a member of the First Regiment a few years ago and vanished after I was unable to pay for WoW on a monthly basis (being a poor college student sucks, lol) but I'm back now (though not on Moon G...
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A Midsummer's Visit

A letter sat upon his desk, untouched since morning. When he arrived from a long day of tending to his duties in the colony, Edrington finally relaxes upon entering the comfort of his home. Laying his sword down on a nearby rack, he sits down and ...
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On Immersion and Harassment

Roleplay is, by its nature, a subjective art form. That being said, there are always going to be discrepancies in what any individual role player believes is the best method of conducting a certain aspect of their roleplay experience. It is import...
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Removal of the Rank of Kingsman

Removal of the Rank of KingsmanAfter much consideration between the officers of the guild, the rank of Kingsman will be removed and those currently holding the rank will be demoted to the rank of Private. We feel that the rank as it is currently d...
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Criticisms on the Kingsland Campaign

Criticisms on the Kingsland Campaign:Alright, everyone! With the Kingsland Campaign now having come to a close, I'd like to get some feedback on how the campaign went. I've done plenty of these before, but this would be my longest campaign to date...
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Poll: Moving Journal Entries

During my restructure of the forums, I've come across a decision that I would like the guild's input on. Right now we have a Journals and Stories forum that houses all of the guild's personal journal writings. I just created a Campaign Reports for...
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January 28th, 2016 Guild News

To the members of the First Regiment: There have been a couple of policy changes that have been approved by the staff/command, and they are as follows: Race/Class Restriction: Acceptance into the guild will now be restricted to non-Death Knight h...
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Going back on hiatus.

Dear fellow.regimenteers,It looks like I'm probably gonna have to go back on an indefinite hiatus for a while. I'm at another period of financial difficulties and just can't afford to pay for WoW at the moment. I know I've only been back for a sho...
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Return from the (metaphorical) Netherworld

Greetings, First Regiment! This is Varredin! I know I've been gone for a long-ass time - I've had a lot going on in the real world and ran out of money for a bit, but I'm planning on coming back to WoW soon. Since I've been out of the loop, I'd m...
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Uniform Ideas

I noticed there weren't any regiment shaman uniforms, so made some ideas for some: Mail Leather Cloth I also had an idea for an updated Logistics Officer Uniform and a Gryphon Rider Uniform based on the mail shaman one.
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Deployment Questions

So since some of us are new to the guild and have never deployed before, here's some questions that may be relevant;Is deployment a 24/7 "constant event" that we log in/out of and join while online?Is it a scheduled only event during certain hours...
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Hello, all. You all are probably wondering where I've been. My computer screen has been broken for several months and I only recently managed to get it fixed. I should be making my comeback to WoW soon.-Varredin
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Idea for Mail Ranger and Musketeer Uniforms

Some new sets in 6.2 could possible make good mail uniforms for the Blackpowder Musketeers and/or the Rangers: Musketeer:;141750;10;141751;1;14176...
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5/16/2015 - Theo went and dun hurt herself, guys

Hey guys, As some of you already know, I was a newb and injured myself at the gym. Due to these injuries, I find myself not in the condition to run tonight's (Saturday) event and Sunday is up in the air. Keep an eye on guild info and this thread ...
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