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Any and all regimental medical records can be posted here.
Members may post their characters' last wills and testaments here!
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Official Reports

Private Duraffe Hintons event report June 21

The date was June 21, 627Bandit Raid on Thunder Falls: In order to keep up the supply route with the war in Westfall between the Alliance and the Defias, we had to break through a bandit camp to clear supplies to make way. No major injuries, Naish...
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Official Reports

Weapon Theory and Sparring Practice, 5/30 627 K.C.

Event run by: Corporal OthranEvent Attended by: Recruit Naishaa Tooke, Private Maikiko Lightwin, Recruit Rowanaden TempestonEvent consisted of the attendees identifying and explaining the uses, advantages, and disadvantages of four types of weapon...
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Official Reports

Recruits' Physical Training 5/28 627 K.C.

Event run by: Private Lloria OthranEvent Attended by: Recruits Maikiko Lightwin, Ellizibeth, Duraffe Hinton, Naishaa Tooke, and Darrias TombstoneAfter Sergeant Bishop's assembly, Private Lloria Othran took the recruits to the adjacent field outsid...
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Official Reports

The Westfall Campaign: A New Beginning

The third and final explosion swept through the sea-side cave; its thundering roar was powerful enough to burst eardrums. Five brave heroes swung from the crumbling wreckage, fleeing the mines moments before deadly smog and flame might've engulfed...
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Official Reports

Decaying Lotus plot discussion.

A noble woman was found this evening in the Stormwind Keep gardens. She lay perfectly still and shriveled as she had been of old age and finally laid to rest. At closer inspection a soldier of both the Stormwind Watch and the Westridge Brigade too...
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Official Reports

Blunt Weapons Training, 5/18 627 K.C.

Run by: Private Lloria Othran (Westridge Brigade)Attended by: Private Vorkampfer (Westridge Brigade), Sergeant Lillyth Bishop (Westridge Brigade)Training Session consisted of an overview of the most efficient application and theory behind the Brig...
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Official Reports

Report on Tower of Azora Investigation, dated 5-16-627 K.C.

To the Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair,Sergeant Reignsford reporting:Through the combined efforts of the Westridge, the Westfall, and the Duskwood Brigades, it was discovered that a rogue mage named Azraeil had teleported Magus Theocritus, the residi...
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