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Any and all regimental medical records can be posted here.
Members may post their characters' last wills and testaments here!
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Official Reports

Bastad's Weekly Report/Training Report.

TRAINING EVALUATION:Name and rank: Sergeant Zyadet BastadDate: January 7th, 34 L.C.Drill Instructor: Zyadet BastadAssisting Drill Instructors: Corporal Bhaldorn Maclaren.Trainees:ElevaanGaige ColemanSamwell OlandHarinton JonesDame Merilliah Forger...
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Zyadet Bastad 2914Small Theodora De Vries 8y
Official Reports

Combat Efficiency I 1/13/2014

Leader Alasdair Participants ElevaanVannesiraMerilliahDresanaHectorin''Mick' - Not In Regiment Debriefing The training was a pleasant one with conversation and tips. It was started with an inspection of specific gems and advice given to those wh...
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Official Reports

A notice of Temporary Leave

To the Desk of Maxen Montclaire,Dear Your Most Insightful Grace;My family has requested my presence home for this week, due to a relative having a child around the Winter-Veil holiday. I have left the office in order, and taken care of what concer...
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Andraste Tygen1909Small Andraste Tygen 8y
Official Reports

Training Evaluation Report for 18 December 33 L.C.

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Theodora De Vries2971Small Andraste Tygen 8y
Official Reports

Report: Stormwind Patrol-December 17, 33 L.C

Location: Stormwind CityParties Involved:Recruit Dairnum BreenRecruit Laola RiviereRecruit Tirthain BratcherPrivate Vannesira Smith (Myself)Corporal Zyadet BastadOverviewMyself and Recruits Breen, Riviere and Bratcher, accompanied Corporal Bastad ...
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Vannesira Smith1620Small Vannesira Smith 8y
Official Reports

Mission Report - The Hunt for Esmerelda (Cave group)

Mission Report - Agent Dresana LockeLocation: Lakeshire, Redridge; Stonecairn Lake (and associated, rather unpleasant cavern).Date: 10 December, 33 L.C.Parties InvolvedRecruit Sebastian BlakeRecruit Dahlia ReginaldRecruit Theodore StratonRecruit V...
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Victrienne Falconheart21027Member avatar small -Deleted- 8y
Official Reports

Mission Report - Ashes of Heroism Event (Pt. 2)

Mission Report - Recruit Sebastian BlakeLocation: Raven Hill/Raven Hill Cemetery, DuskwoodDate: 06 December 33 L.C.Parties Involved- Myself- Recruit Vannesira Smith- Recruit Thaladrus van Carstein- Corporal Aab Llynned- Sister Maverith TelloranUnk...
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Sebastian Blake1714Small Sebastian Blake 8y
Official Reports

Report : Antonath Eidragan - December 6th

Name: Antonath EidraganRank: RecruitParticipant / Assaulted : Sergeant Andrea Tygen , Knight Lieutenant GraySituation:During a routine Inspection Recruit Eidragan saw fit to be disrespectful and mouth off to Sergeant Tygen. Along with several hara...
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Andraste Tygen1647Small Andraste Tygen 8y
Official Reports

Assault on the Lady!

Around 2300 hours a man, pretending to have an injured knee, sat down by Lady Stromheart. He then attempted to assault her, or incapacitate while taking her Canon. To my sorrow, he was able to take the Canon, however, I managed to create a barrier...
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Johnathon Saintclaire2920Member avatar small -Deleted- 8y
Official Reports

Helping the Scarlets

At around 2100 hours A scarlet soldier came up and asked for assistance about a Death Knight who was apparently harassing his allies and friends. He had asked the Death Knight to leave him alone, and the Death Knight refused. I, along with another...
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Johnathon Saintclaire21067Member avatar small -Deleted- 8y
Official Reports

Report: Explosions on November 28, 2012

((OOC note: The information I received from Isara was confirmed by the following discussion threads on the CoB website: ResignationUndead Bishop For the decree see MG wiki I do hope my interpretation is accurate. If any of the information below ...
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Maverith Telloran1677Small Maverith Telloran 8y
Official Reports

Cross posted/Cross faction RP for the Battle of the Conquerors

There is a world RP PvP event coming up involving several guilds that our members span over, so to give lots of different folks something to do while the slow buildup to said clash of guilds is done, I have worked out a small storyline/quest thing...
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Grael2934Small Grael 9y
Official Reports

Proposed Amendments to the Witchcraft Act

I am distributing these papers for critique and discussion. Please don't hesitate to get back to me on any concerns or questions you may have.This would be inserted into the Witchcraft Act after Section XVII.Using Blood MagicsA citizen shall be gu...
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Official Reports

Raid on Brackwell Pumpkin Patch - August 21, 622 K.C.

Recently on a previous mission, the brigade lost of shipment of explosives to a bandit ambush while en-route to Westbrook Garrison. Despite having little evidence on the identity of the attackers or where they may actually be, Corporal Rikner Sliv...
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Official Reports

Ambush at Elwynn Highway: Aug 16th, 622 K.C.

On August 16th, the First Regiment had received word that a "special" shipment of cargo had just arrived in Stormwind Harbor. After putting together a small squad of men in order to transport the cargo back to Westbrook Garrison in Elwynn, Corpora...
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Rikner Sliv1777Member avatar small Rikner Sliv 10y
Official Reports

Condition of Triarch Dorian II

The day was July 31st, but it may as well had been August, as the night sky was set upon the rustic landscape of the Grizzly Hills. Triarch looked back down to the note that flapped in the piercing wind, he paid the wind no mind, the fire in front...
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Triarch Dorian II 1985Small Triarch Dorian II 10y
Official Reports

Raid on Roland's Doom- June 27, 622 K.C.

On June 27th, 632 K.C., members of both the Westridge and Duskwook Brigades collaborated together on a raid on Roland's Doom, a mine in southern Duskwood. The goal of the raid was to obtain a much iron and tin ore as possible that could be obtaine...
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Official Reports

The Elwynn Gold Conspiracy, June 28, 622 K.C.

To His Grace, Maxen Montclaire, Duke of Westridge,The night of June twenty-eighth, the Collector fell. Continuing from our investigation of James Clark and Dead-Tooth Jack, I, as well as Corporal Sliv, Private Hinton, Recruit Blake, and Recruit Re...
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Lucco "Basilieus" Margiano1780Small Lucco "Basilieus" Margiano 10y
Official Reports

Public Enemies, June 26, 632 K.C.

To His Grace, Maxen Montclaire, Duke of Westridge,The night of the twenty-sixthh of June I led a group of Westridge footmen to the aid of the County of Eastvale. Two fugitives, known as James Clark and Dead-Tooth Jack had escaped Stormwind and gon...
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Lucco "Basilieus" Margiano1702Small Lucco "Basilieus" Margiano 10y
Official Reports

Bounty Hunting June 24, 632 K.C.

Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair,Responding to a bounty issued by Marshal Dughan of Goldshire, Sergeant Antegas Lemartes and myself began patrolling in eastern Elwynn Forest, looking for apostate wizards. The bounty notice included information that th...
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Lucco "Basilieus" Margiano1681Small Lucco "Basilieus" Margiano 10y