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Any and all regimental medical records can be posted here.
Members may post their characters' last wills and testaments here!
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Official Reports

[Pinned] General Guidelines for Reports

General Guidelines for ReportsThe purpose of this forum is to present to the public, or to anyone in particular, reports or accounts of role-playing events in an archive. Being that it is an archive used by multiple units of the crown, so that the...
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Official Reports

12/07/39 Basic Military Training

Title: Basic Military TrainingAuthor: Sergeant AubronDate: July 12th, 39LCAttendance:Lord Aetyleus the Elder, ObserverLord Galmone Aurum, ObserverMaster Sergeant Thaddeus Locke, ObserverSergeant Vicas Aubron, InstructorSergeant Valrik Gallaghan, O...
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Official Reports

7/14 GFC IV

Title: Garrison Fighting Championship IVAuthor: Private Richaun BrooksDate: July 14th, 39 LCAttendanceLord Commander Ismond Laldere (Ismond)Knight-Captain Thomas Reignsford (Reignsford)Master Sergeant Thaddeus Locke (Thaddeus)Sergeant Valrik (Valr...
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Official Reports

Training Exercise: Tower Defence

Training Exercise: Tower DefenceDate: 7/8/629Author: Master Sergeant Thaddeus Locke[u][b]Attendance:Honor Company:MSGT Thaddeus Locke SGT Abigail Potter BCPL Melanie Witherseed BCPL Alison ClementPFC Andraste TygenPVT Ramsey O'Gallagher (Demritz)P...
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Official Reports

Field Report - 7/5/629

Field ReportDate: 7/5/629Present:((SGT Valrik [DM]))SGT Abigail Potter (Leader)BCPL Melanie WitherseedBCPL Alison ClementPVT Jerome Dwight (Thaddeus)PVT Richaun BrooksPVT Andraste TygenPVT Darius LaldereRCT Darioch AureliousRCT Tessa SeaburyAt 200...
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Official Reports


INSPECTION REPORTAuthor: Banner-Corporal Melanie WitherseedDate: 7/1/39Attendance:Lord Commander Ismond LaldereSergeant Abigail PotterSergeant Demetrius SontaurSergeant Vicas AubronBanner-Corporal Melanie Witherseed (Conductor of the Inspection)Ba...
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Official Reports


Field Report6/26/629At approximately 2100 hours this evening, we were passing through a festival of people in Goldshire, in which, upon instructing the crowd to clear the road for traffic to pass, Private Pridion Greycliff was supposedly trampled ...
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Official Reports

Elwynn Patrol - 6/26/629 KC

Elwynn PatrolDate: 6/26/629Reporter: MSGT LockeHost: SGT AubronAttendance:(DM - SGT Aubron)MSGT Thaddeus Locke SGT Abigail PotterSGT Demetrius Sontaur BCPL Melanie Witherseed PFC Andraste TygenPVT Pridion GreycliffRCT Darioch Aurelious RCT Kareria...
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Official Reports

Training Report

Training ReportDate: 6/24/629Reporter: SGT Abigail PotterAttendance:CDR Ismond Laldere (Overseer)CPT Roy Sebale (Overseer)CPT Clarissa Greystone (Overseer)LT Kimberly Montclair (Overseer)LT Tilliea Dryden (Overseer)MSGT Thaddeus Locke (Overseer)SG...
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Official Reports

Misconduct Report

Date: 6/4/629Reporter: Sergeant Abigail PotterPerpetrator: Private Olathor StoneshieldThis evening Private Stoneshield returned from the engagements with a poorly-treated head injury, claiming that he "treated it himself". The list of infractions ...
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Official Reports

Richaun's Report Of the Day

Personal Field Report Archived by Sergeant Abigail Potter
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Official Reports

Training Report — 5/22/629 K.C.

Training Report — 5/22/629 K.C.Written by Alison ClementParticipants: Knight-Lieutenant Tilliea DrydenSergeant Abigail PotterPrivate Herbert GromleyPrivate Istins ChandlerPrivate Salara EverstarSummary: At eight-thirty in the evening on the twenty...
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Official Reports

The Hunt for Drunt(2/2)

Title: After-action ReportAuthor: Banner-Corporal Demetrius SontaurDate: May 17th, 39LCAttendance: Lord Commander Ismond Laldere Knight-Captain Clarissa Greystone Sergeant Abigail Potter Sergeant Thaddeus Locke Banner-Corporal Demetrius Sontaur Co...
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Official Reports

The Hunt for Drunt(1/2)

Title: After-action ReportAuthor: Banner-Corporal Demetrius SontaurDate: May 16th, 39LCAttendance: Sergeant Abigail Potter Sergeant Thaddeus Locke Banner-Corporal Demetrius Sontaur Corporal Melanie Witherseed Private Leighton Kercher Private Herbe...
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Official Reports

Tavern Night Bills

"Camaraderie Building Exercise" ReportWritten by Alison ClementAttendees: Lord Commander Ismond LaldereSergeant Abigail PotterSergeant Thaddeus LockeCorporal Demetrius SontaurCorporal Melanie WitherseedPrivate Tyrone WhitePrivate Urdun Boulderbear...
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Official Reports

Drill Training (5/14/19)

Company Training ReportDate: 5/14/629Author: Sergeant Abigail PotterAttendance:Knight-Captain Roy Sebale (Overseer)Sergeant Abigail Potter (Instructor)Sergeant Thaddeus Locke (Assistant)Private Tyrone White (Trainee)Private Herbert Gromley (Traine...
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Official Reports

Finishing the Fish! 5/14/39 LC

Title: Finishing the FishAuthor: Corporal Melanie WitherseedDate: 5/14/39 LCAttendance:Sergeant Abigail Potter (Potter)Sergeant Thaddeus Locke (Thaddeus)Corporal Melanie Witherseed (Witherseed)Corporal Alison Clement (Alison)Private Eddsel Farcree...
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Official Reports

Counter Attack at the Westbrook Shore 5/11/39 LC

Title: Counter attack at the Westbrook ShoreAuthor: Corporal Melanie WitherseedDate: May 12th, 39 LCAttendance:Sergeant Thaddeus Locke (Thaddeus)Sergeant Abigail Potter (Potter)Corporal Alison Clement (Alison)Private Tyrone White (Peasant)Private ...
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Official Reports

Defense of the Westridge Garrison 5/10/39 LC

Title: Defense of the Westridge GarrisonAuthor: Melanie WitherseedDate: May 10, 39 LCAttendance:Melanie Witherseed (Witherseed, DM)Thaddeus Locke (Thaddeus)Alison Clement (Alison)Jeffery Normalson (Peasant)Tyrone White (Peasant)Salara Everstar (Sa...
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Official Reports

Firearms Qualifications for Urdun Firebraid

Title: Firearms Qualifier: Urdun FirebraidAuthor: Corporal Demritz SontaurDate: May 7th, 39LCAttendance:Recruit Urdun FirebraidDetails:Recruit Firebraid found me reviewing his exam in the garrison mess mid-afternoon. He inquired about his exam and...
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