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Any and all regimental medical records can be posted here.
Members may post their characters' last wills and testaments here!
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Official Reports

[Pinned] General Guidelines for Reports

General Guidelines for ReportsThe purpose of this forum is to present to the public, or to anyone in particular, reports or accounts of role-playing events in an archive. Being that it is an archive used by multiple units of the crown, so that the...
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Official Reports

Meeting Report 1/31/41

Meeting ReportDate: 1/31/41Author: CPT Abigail PotterAttendance:CPT PotterMSGT GreycliffSGT LloriaCPL AubronCPL ClemonsCPL MelkarnPVT CrossRCT AlloyaRCT NuiRegarding our current affairs in Duskwood:- We will be assaulting the magic channeling site...
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Official Reports

Field Report 1/24/21

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Official Reports

Field Report 1/19/21

Field ReportDate: 1/19/41Author: CPT Abigail PotterAttendance:CPT PotterMSGT DawnbladeMSGT GreycliffCPL AubronRCT Pheuxtman<20 other soldiers>Summary:Our mages tracked down the precisely location of the lich's phylactery. Lord Ebonstone offe...
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Official Reports

Field Report 1/18/21

Field ReportDate: 1/18/41Author: CPT Abigail PotterAttendance:CPT PotterCPT WitherseedLT AureliousMSGT DawnbladeBCPL BeckerCPL AubronCPL DoitaniPVT BelgardeRCT BarkerRCT CarrolRCT PheuxtmanSummary:Today we escorted supplies to Ebonstone in Duskwoo...
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Official Reports

Meeting Report 1/17/21

Meeting ReportDate: 1/17/41Author: CPT Abigail PotterAttendance:CPT PotterMSGT DawnbladeBCPL BeckerPVT BelgardeRCT HeartruneRCT PheuxtmanMeeting highlights: Ebonstone is housing too many refugees and wounded from the recent incursions. They have r...
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Official Reports

Field Report - 11/19/20

FIELD REPORTDate: 11/19/40Author: CPT Abigail PotterPresent:CPT Abigail PotterCPT Roy SebaleLT Darioch AureliousCPL Vicas AubronCPL Vieresea ClemonsCPL Meriliah ForgerPFC Vitallion StansfieldRCT Elizra CarolAt 2000 hours today we went for a quickl...
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Official Reports

Training Report 11/3/20

TRAINING REPORTAuthor: CPT Abigail PotterDate: 11/3/40Attendance:CPT Abigail Potter (Instructor)CPL Kenneth RobelmCPL Marendethas Mubarack'diyaPFC Vieresea ClemonsPVT Keidarl StansfieldPVT Taverris StarseekerRCT Gethwine SombershardSummary:Element...
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Official Reports

Noble Etiquette 7/23/20

Lesson ReportDate: 7/23/40Author: LT Abigail PotterPresent:LT Potter (Instructor)LT Witherseed (Observer)MSGT Sebale (Participant)PVT Clemons (Participant)PVT Coward (Participant)PVT Robelm (Participant)RCT Marat (Participant)RCT Triever (Particip...
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Official Reports

Training Report 7/21/20

TRAINING REPORTDATE: 7/21/40AUTHOR: ABIGAIL POTTERParticipation:LT Potter (Instructor)MSGT Aurelious (Trainee)CPL Miller (Trainee)PVT Cross (Trainee)PVT Robelm (Trainee)RCT Hooker (Trainee)RCT Foix (Trainee)A 30-minute drill session to practice th...
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Official Reports

Training Report 7/16/20

TRAINING REPORTDate: 7/16/40Author: LT PotterPresent:CPT Sebale (Observer)CPT Greystone (Observer)LT Hassan Mazaheri (Observer)LT Potter (Instructor) BCPL LloriaPVT CowardPVT PowellPVT ClemonsPVT Billings30-minute high-stress training session to i...
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Official Reports

Supply run on route 7S-84E

FIELD REPORTReporter: Corporal Pridion GreycliffDate: 3/2/40-3/3/40Participation:Lord Commander Ismond LaldereLieutenant Melanie WitherseedSergeant Samuel CooperSergeant Darioch AureliousCorporal Aelryndell DawnbladeCorporal Lloria K.Private Clye ...
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Official Reports

Training Report: 3/24/40

Re: Line Combat and Formation training held the evening of 3/24.Attending:Captain SebaleLieutenant WitherseedSergeant AureliousCorporal LloriaPFC GizzletinkPrivate GoldsparkRecruit PowellRecruit Clarke The training session began with some basic kn...
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Official Reports

Training Report: 3/2/40

Re: Drill and Formation training held the evening of 3/2.Attending:Captain SebaleLieutenant WitherseedLieutenant LockeSergeant CooperCorporal LloriaPrivate CowherdPrivate GoldsparkRecruit VanShelbyRecruit PowellRecruit Clarke The training session ...
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Official Reports

Training Report: February 25th, 40L.C.

Training ReportDate: 2/25/40 L.C.Author: CPL AureliousPersonnel:LT PotterLT WitherseedSGT SontaurCPL CooperCPL Aurelious (DM)PFC ZanderPFC nir'KingswealdarRecruit Mimi HookerRecruit GoldsparkReport:Training began at 8PM and continued until 10:30PM...
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Official Reports

Presence Patrol 2/26/40

FIELD REPORTReporter: Corporal Samuel CooperDate: 2/26/40Participation:Lieutenant Melanie WitherseedLieutenant Abigail PotterSergeant Demetrius SontaurBanner Corporal Samuel CooperCorporal Darioch AureliousPFC Lloria K.Private Clye GizzletinkRecru...
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Official Reports

Medical Summary - 02/26/40LC - Presence Patrol

The following information is post-maneuver inspection of the troop as well as observations and actions taken during the course of battle.List of Injured and their StatusLieutenant Melanie WitherseedCondition: YELLOWDetails: Lieutenant Witherseed w...
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Official Reports

Navigation and Combat Training (2/5/20)

Navigation and Combat Training ReportDate: 2/5/40by Ferk BronzeanklesClass:Me:) (Potter)Lieutenant WitherseedBanner Corporal AureliousBanner Corporal CooperPrivate First Class DawnbladePrivate First-Class LloriaRecruit AndertonRecruit GoldsparkRec...
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Official Reports

Supply run on route 2W-34SW

FIELD REPORTReporter: Corporal Pridion GreycliffDate: 2/2/40Participation:Lieutenant Melanie WitherseedBanner Corporal Samuel CooperCorporal Darioch AureliousCorporal Istins ChandlerPrivate Clye GizzletinkPrivate Nathan WoodRecruit Korbarius Ander...
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Official Reports

Report 1/22/40

FIELD REPORTReporter: Banner Corporal Samuel CooperDate: 01/22/40Participation:Captain Roy SebaleLieutenant Abigail PotterLieutenant Thaddeus LockeBanner Corporal Samuel CooperCorporal Darioch AureliousPFC Lloria nir'KingswealderPrivate Clye Gizzl...
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