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Character Profiles

[Pinned] Characters on Moon Guard Wiki!

Moon Guard Wiki has a category for <The First Regiment>. I highly encourage all members to check it out and add articles for their characters!
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Character Profiles

[Pinned] Character Profile Template

Instructions: Open a new thread titled with your character's name, fill out the following template, and post! Be sure to format your profile for readability, please. Our eyes thank you in advance. Have fun!GENERAL INFORMATIONFull Name: Nickname(s)...
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Character Profiles

Garion Valens

GENERAL INFORMATIONFull Name: Garion ValensNickname(s): "Gar"Title(s): None of note.Race: HumanClass: WarriorProfession: Soldier. Secondary professions include combat engineer, blacksmith, and farmer.APPEARANCEAge: 26Height: 6'4"Weight/Build: 240l...
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Character Profiles

Dunstable Pryde

GENERAL INFORMATIONFull Name: Dunstable PrydeNickname(s): "Dunsy"Title(s):RecruitRace: WorgenClass: Discipline PriestProfession: ScribeAPPEARANCEAge: 55Height: 6'4"Weight/Build: 240lbs/Big and BurlyHair color:Red/GrayEye color:Lambent GreenSkin to...
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Character Profiles

Kimberly Sweete [w.i.p]

|| Kimberly Sweete || Priestess || Female || Tailor / Enchanter || Botany Enthusiast || Faded winds and howling cries echo along the valley of grass and lush; washing about the vast forestry in abundance. A path, a guidance in the yonder, is pa...
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Character Profiles

Roanne Venmenn

GENERAL INFORMATIONFull Name:Roanne VenmennNickname(s):Ro, RedTitle(s):QuartermasterRace:Gilnean HumanClass:(OOC- Warrior) CitizenProfession: (OOC- Enchanting/Skinning) Supply/QuartermasterAPPEARANCEAge:21Height:5'4" Weight/Build:145lbs, StoutHair...
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Character Profiles

Giatros Aresenio Istvan

Race: HumanClass: Mage/RogueProfession: Herbalism, Alchemy/Engineering, MiningAPPEARANCEAge: 28Height: 5"10Weight/Build: 170 LBSHair color: Mocha BrownEye color: Sapphire BlueSkin tone/color: ArabesqueDistinguishing marks (scars, tattoos, etc.): T...
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Character Profiles

Averelie Talbot

GENERAL INFORMATIONFull Name: Averelie Vylian Talbot nee BrightheartNickname(s): AveTitle(s):Veteran of the Seventh Legion. Veteran of the Argent Crusade. Ex-Commander of the Golden Dragon Company. Former Mercenary.Race: Quel'DoreiClass: (OOC Pala...
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Character Profiles

Roy Sebale

GENERAL INFORMATIONFull Name: Roy SebaleRace: HumanClass: WarriorProfession: SoldierAPPEARANCEAge: 18Height: 6’3”Weight/Build: 240 lbs. Hair color: BlondeEye color: BlueSkin tone/color: Tan Distinguishing marks (scars, tattoos, etc.): Roy is disti...
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Character Profiles

Taye Leadwind

Taye Leadwind - ArmsmanAspirations - Air Corps Pilot, ReaverHeight - 4'6"Eyes - Reddish-BrownHair - BlackDescriptionA look at his hands and forearms show they are tattooed. On his right hand is the sun. On his left hand was the moon. Each symbol i...
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Character Profiles

Elladorie Cape

GENERAL INFORMATIONFull Name: Elladorie CapeNickname(s): Ella, Cape, DorieTitle(s): Battlemage-in-TrainingRace: HumanClass: MageProfession: Inscription & JewelcraftingAPPEARANCEAge: 25Height: 5"10Weight/Build: Sturdy, kind of like a feminine t...
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Character Profiles

Jeremaias Auromere, O.S.H.

GENERAL INFORMATIONFull Name: Jeremaias Dominic AuromereNickname(s): Jem, Jere, JeremyTitle(s): Knight of the Silver Hand, Westridge Cavalier, Lord of Blauholme (courtesy title, extinct)Race: HumanClass: PaladinProfession: Gemologist/lapidarist; c...
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Character Profiles

Kelasande Raiwood

GENERAL INFORMATIONFull Name: Kelasande Lynn RaiwoodNickname(s): "Kel", "Rai"Title(s): None she knows ofRace: HumanClass: WarriorProfession: FootmanAPPEARANCEAge: 20Height: 5' 9"Weight/Build: Fit but wiryHair color: BlackEye color: BlueSkin tone/c...
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Character Profiles

Theodore Albus Crowe.

GENERAL INFORMATIONFull Name: Theodore Albus Crowe.Nickname(s): Teddy. Crowe.Title(s): Scout of the First Regiment. Painter. [CLASSIFIED.]Race: Human.Class: Rogue.Profession: Painting. Alchemy. Engineering.APPEARANCEAge: Thirty-three.Height: 5'8"....
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Character Profiles

Markus Stonewall

GENERAL INFORMATIONFull Name: Markus StonewallNickname(s): Bull, Mark, Sarduzar, SardTitle(s): PrivateRace: HumanClass: Protection WarriorProfession: Footman - Royal ArmyAPPEARANCEAge: 35Height: 6'7"Weight/Build: 363 lbs. PowerlifterHair color: Du...
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Character Profiles

Chester Edwin Deviants

ARACTER (IC) SECTION----The Stormwind Army Recruitment ApplicationPlease fill out the following below as accurately as possible in complete sentences and in your own words. Know that if you lie about your application and the case is severe enough,...
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Character Profiles

Ethoan Trebondir

((Hello! I was feeling like filling out the background of my character for myself, so I decided I'd do it in this format so I could share it here! I hope you enjoy! I also hope to add more to this (especially if I find myself a title, or some artw...
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Character Profiles

Edrington W. Grunwald

GENERAL INFORMATIONFull Name: Edrington Wilhelm GrunwaldNickname(s): Eddy, William, GrunTitle(s): Veteran of the Valiance Expedition, Novice Swordsman, Travelling PeddlerRace: HumanClass: WarriorProfession: (In-Game) Mining and Herbalism | (RP) Me...
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Character Profiles

Johnathan Keyson

GENERAL INFORMATIONFull Name: Johnathan David KeysonNickname(s): John, Johnny, MugTitle(s): Farm Boy, Recruit, YoungsterRace: Stormwind HumanClass: WarriorProfession: Soldier, of courseAPPEARANCEAge: 18Height: 6'2 Weight/Build: 13 stone (182 lbs)H...
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Character Profiles

Markus Gorlend

Name: Markus GorlendRace: HumanTime and Place of Birth: Kingdom of Stormwind, Westfall, Moonbrook, 12 L.C. Personal History: Born to Stuart and Martha Gorlend, Markus spent is early childhood on his family farm. As the region grew harsher and the ...
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