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Ordainment Journals & Librams

Pilgrimage of Vitallion Stansfield

Title: Pilgrimage & Trial of RespectAuthor: Vitallion Stansfield, PrivateDate: September 30Participants: Clarissa Greystone, Knight-LieutenantOOC: (Sanierette)Unit: Order of Saint IsaacSummary: I rendezvoused with Knight Lieu...
Small Vitallion Stansfield 4y
Vitallion Stansfield1823Small Vitallion Stansfield 4y
Ordainment Journals & Librams

Passage through the Sanctum.

Now that I have time, I am finally going to write on my pilgrimage to the Sanctum of Stromgarde. The boat rocks, but my faith stays strong. Just recalling the emotions I felt during my Pilgrimage is making me emotional, forgive the tear stains on ...
Small Tilliea Furlbrow 4y
Tilliea Furlbrow1741Small Tilliea Furlbrow 4y
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