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Costume Contest

[Pinned] Costume Contest Rules **READ BEFORE ENTERING**

Tis the season to dress up as your favorite ghouls and heroes. The Costume Contest is all about having the best costume out there. Could be over the top or simply simplistic. The idea of the contest is to create and provide the visual appeal of t...
Small Kimberly Montclair 4y
Kimberly Montclair12639Small Kimberly Montclair 4y
Costume Contest

Costume Entry: Etruscan

Here is my costume for the contest. I guess it would be under Gore and Lore or cheap and tacky. The image is of the imfamous Orc grunt from the orcish Horde. Known for slaying many Alliance and other combatants alike. The items used are from the o...
Small Etruscan Whitepaw 4y
Etruscan Whitepaw11037Small Etruscan Whitepaw 4y
Costume Contest

Hugo Cornelius Renfield's Costumes!

Dark and Spoopy for Dark and Spoopy
Small Hugo Cornelius Renfield 4y
Hugo Cornelius Renfield1750Small Hugo Cornelius Renfield 4y
Costume Contest

Costume Contest Entry: Riona

So for this Costume Contest, I decided to go with the Dark and Dangerous category. With this I then decided what I'd like to base my costume on, which would be the Plague Doctors of the 14th Century when the Bubonic Plague was ravaging Europe. For...
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Riona W. Carlyle1662Small Riona W. Carlyle 4y
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