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[Pinned] Mission Template & Sample Mission

Mission TemplateMission Name:Event Categories:Mission Description (In-Character):Mission Requirements:Misc. Details (Out-of-Character):Map of Mission Area:
Small Maxen Montclair 4y
Maxen Montclair21852Small Maxen Montclair 4y
Mission Board

The Northern Excursion

The sound of war echoes through the arid and dreary lands of the Northern Kingdoms. A daunting fog begins to crawl over the bountiful hills, wilting and engulfing the vegetation in its clouded grasp. Haunting sensations vibrate in the ominous ai...
Small Kimberly Montclair 3y
Kimberly Montclair1864Small Kimberly Montclair 3y
Kimberly Montclair1739Small Kimberly Montclair 4y
Kimberly Montclair1516Small Kimberly Montclair 4y
Mission Board

Mission; Once Upon a Duskwood Forest

An ominous fog rolls all across the dreary lands of Duskwood, allowing an eerie sensation to bask over those who dare wander the winding cobblestone paths. Along these stone walkways, many will find themselves seeing broken fencings, remnants of...
Small Kimberly Montclair 4y
Kimberly Montclair1783Small Kimberly Montclair 4y
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