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[Pinned] Mage Circle Registrar

Mage Circle RegistrarThe Mage Circle Registrar is a running account of the contributions of individual mages past and present of the Sarceline Mage Academy. Credits for contributing to the Library of Sarceline will be recorded here for book-keepin...
Small Aldrazar Stoneforge 5y
Aldrazar Stoneforge11588Small Aldrazar Stoneforge 5y
Circle Archive

[Pinned] Stormwind Circle Mage Tome

The Stormwind Circle Mage Tome was a text written by Archmage Hraglof Firebane for aspiring battle mages of the Stormwind Circle of Magi. The work received criticism for neglecting to include in-depth information concerning the forbidden magics, t...
Small Maxen Montclair 8y
Maxen Montclair11583Small Maxen Montclair 8y
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