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[Pinned] Mirwood Ranger Roster

Mirwood Ranger RosterRanger-LordSir Brandon Hood Rangers Ranger-Knight Thomas Reignford Ranger-Knight Caiterina Stonewall (Trainer/Recruiter) Ranger-Apprentices Alexander Daemios Visiam Maris Roran Grieves
Small Caiterina Stonewall 6y
Caiterina Stonewall0796Small Caiterina Stonewall 6y
Recon Archive

Mirwood Ranger Handbook

The Mirwood Ranger Handbook is a written guide book used by the Ranger Order of Mirwood as a resource for both ranger-apprentices and fledged rangers. Through the creation of the Order and its many incarnations, such knowledge was usually restrict...
Small Caiterina Stonewall 5y
Caiterina Stonewall84605Small Caiterina Stonewall 5y
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