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Any information about the Ranger Order of Westridge may be posted here.
Deprecated or other archived documents of the Recon Corps will be moved here.
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Reconaissance Corps

Scouting Report: Elwynn Murloc Camp

SourceWritten on a separate piece of parchment.9/30 2342 to 10/02 2215Length of observation: 47 hours, 27 minutes.Pfc. DaemiosAs noted on the map, it is not drawn to scale.EnemyMurlocsNumber: Up to 46.Patrols: 19 in camp. 14 patrolling along the ...
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Alexandros/Rodrigo11270Small Alexandros/Rodrigo 4y
Reconaissance Corps

Knife Fighting: A Primer

First Regiment Knife Fighting GuideBy Private First Class Alexander M. DaemiosReconnaissance Corps Ranger-ApprenticeFirst Regiment, Elwynn BrigadePreface This guide is intended for soldiers who are new to knife fighting or need a refresher. This ...
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