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Cabal of the Burning Sword

Hugo Cornelius Renfield's Mage Gauntlet Journal

ForwardI, Hugo Cornelius Renfield, hereby commit myself to completing the Mage Gauntlet as so I can rise in my duties as a loyal Wizard to Westridge and the crown. I have survived and overcome my mage trials and await the next adventure of my lif...
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Cabal of the Burning Sword

Solaris Starvale's Spellbreaker training journal

The following entries recount the training and experiences of Spellbreaker Solaris Starvale prior and to completion. The dates of these entries take place over the course of just over a year.Entry #1 - “I was told I should keep a diary on my trai...
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Cabal of the Burning Sword

Levi Morne's Mage's Gauntlet Journal

10-14This is the written account for the consideration of the Mage Circle of Sarceline, and the Cabal of the Burning Sword of the Mage Gauntlet Trials of Wizard Levi Morne. My first task in this trial given to me was the Trial of the Warmage, a jo...
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