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Westridge Ducal Guard

Ducal Guard Meet / Stonewall's Trials

Report: Ducal Guard Meet / Stonewall's TrialsApril 9th, 36 L.C.Host: Knight-Captain Ismond LaldereAttendance:- Knight-Captain Ismond Laldere (Ismond)- Prioress Muriah Laldere (Muriah)- Sergeant Tommin Jamerson (Tommin)- Sergeant Edrington Grunwald...
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Westridge Ducal Guard

The Trial of Stamina: Markus Stonewall

It began innocently enough. A torch."Keep it lit."Those were the orders Markus understood. The simple command that he would uphold through what was to become the most grueling experience he'd ever had. He wore a harness of lead weights, and a belt...
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Westridge Ducal Guard

Letter of Intent - Ducal Guard

To the Honorable Lord-Marshal, Duke Maxen Montclair;My name is Markus Stonewall. I submit myself to His Grace's consideration for the Westridge Ducal Guard. It is my desire and intent to serve the House of Montclair as his Vanguard for the remaind...
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