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Westfall Burning

[Pinned] Westfall Burning Gallery

Below is a link to the Campaign's Gallery of screenshots! If you would like any of your own screenshots added to this gallery, send them to me via a Website Message!Campaign Gallery
Small Maxen Montclair 5y
Maxen Montclair0785Small Maxen Montclair 5y
Westfall Burning

Report of April 7th: The Beginning of The End

Report composed by:Sergeant Balmius ChorsterEvent hosted by:Sergeant Balmius ChorsterParticipants:Knight-Lieutenant Bhaldorn MacLarenSergeant Balmius ChorsterSergeant Armuline ClementCorporal Piper CohenDecal Guard Greyloth Ke'tarAgent Grim Privat...
Small Balmius Chorster 6y
Balmius Chorster0698Small Balmius Chorster 6y
Westfall Burning

April 5th, 625 K.C.

Report - April 5, 625 K.C. Report composed by:Jackson BaifersParticipants:(Leader) Kingsman - Jack Baifers [Baifers]Sergeant - Alison Clement [Armuline]Corporal - Tommin Jamerson [Tommin]Private - Kenneth Ke'tar [Kenners]Recruit - Hannah Wilson [V...
Small Jackson Baifers 6y
Jackson Baifers2711Small Theodora De Vries 6y
Westfall Burning

Report - April 5, 625 KC.

The Following Report was written in near-chicken scratch, poor handmenship for its time showing the stress of the author. Report - April 5, 625 K.C. Report composed by:Malleny ReddParticipants:Kingsman - Jack Baifers [Baifers]Private - Berominton...
Small Alison Clement 6y
Alison Clement2875Small Theodora De Vries 6y
Westfall Burning

Medical Report: Ethoan Trebondir reporting on Mathias Montclair

((Hello, I served as medic during the battle on Friday Night so I thought I'd write up a medical report on one of the patients during that battle. I apologize, Mathias, for any incorrect information regarding your rank or anything! Thanks))Patient...
Member avatar small Ethoan Trebondir 6y
Ethoan Trebondir0589Member avatar small Ethoan Trebondir 6y
Westfall Burning

Engineering Report: March 28th

Chief Engineer's Report on Camp and Works, March 28th, 35 L.C.Location: northern WestfallRegina Kasteen, regimental chief engineer [acting], reporting.Summary:After battle on this day, the regiment was commanded to retire to a hilltop near the bat...
Small Regina Kasteen 6y
Regina Kasteen0789Small Regina Kasteen 6y
Westfall Burning

Wesfall Campaign Article

I compiled Thomaas's writings and some of my own screenshots into an article for the ongoing Westfall Rebellion campaign! Let me know if anything needs to be added or changed. Feel free to post screenshots here that you want added to the article!h...
Small Maxen Montclair 6y
Maxen Montclair2903Small Alison Clement 6y
Westfall Burning

Report - Rats in the Streets

Report - Rats in the StreetsReport composed by:Sergeant Alison ClementParticipants: Private - Augidget Magnisprocket [Augidget]Private - Casseus Ratter [Casseus]Private - Renurth Ansel [Renurth]Recruit - Bryanna Yardley [Bryanne]Recruit - Finegan...
Small Alison Clement 6y
Alison Clement2868Small Victrienne Falconheart 6y
Westfall Burning

Westfall Campaign Update

Harold Brook Several weeks had passed since the patriots of Westfall had been defeated at the siege of Bridgeport in the Duchy of Westridge. It was midday, and though it was still winter, the sun shined brightly in the sky. The air was crisp an...
Small Ducky 6y
Ducky0762Small Ducky 6y
Westfall Burning

Hanson Farm Jan 31, 35 L.C

Report on Hanson Farm, January 31, 3.5 LCSubmitted by Private Tyrone Baast for the approval of the Duke or his officers.Attendees include Private Chrisana Rilke, Recruit Asylilia Baast, Recruit Rygard, Recruit Ratter, Private Thorson, Corporal Mac...
Small Martenos Hightower 6y
Martenos Hightower0578Small Martenos Hightower 6y
Westfall Burning

Report - The Riot of Mirwood, and The Anarchy Conspiracy.

Report: The Riot of Mirwood, and The Anarchy Conspiracy. Report composed by:Corporal Alison ClementParticipants:Lieutenant - Bhaldorn MacLarenLieutenant - Elevaan GreywaldSergeant - Meriliah ForgerSergeant - Zyadet BastadCorporal - Ralinor BaastPr...
Small Alison Clement 6y
Alison Clement0671Small Alison Clement 6y
Westfall Burning

Westfall Campaign Backstory - Adam Connery

Adam Connery Adam Connery trudged along the dirt road as the setting sun lowered itself into the land behind him. He sighed as his boots kicked up dust in the air which only added to the dust already kicked up by those he travelled with. Around...
Small Ducky 7y
Ducky0549Small Ducky 7y
Westfall Burning

Westfall Campaign Backstory - Catherine Walker

Catherine Walker The warm summer evening sun beamed down upon Catherine as she stood out on the stone balcony overlooking the sea. She leaned upon the railing which protected her from the hundred foot fall into the rocky depths below, peering o...
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Ducky0561Small Ducky 7y
Westfall Burning

Westfall Campaign Backstory - Harold Brook

Harold Brook The midday sun scorched down upon the litter-strewn streets of Moonbrook. The empty shacks and tattered buildings stood idly by as various figures shuffled inside and out and through the streets. Dust was kicked up and choked the l...
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