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Plaguelands Expedition

[Pinned] Post-Siege Plaguelands Expedition Gallery

Below is a link to the Campaign's Gallery of screenshots! If you would like any of your own screenshots added to this gallery, send them to me via a Website Message!Campaign Gallery
Small Maxen Montclair 4y
Maxen Montclair1730Small Maxen Montclair 4y
Plaguelands Expedition

Medical Leave: Gaige Coleman

Lord-Marshal Montclair,It is my duty to inform you that complications have arisen from my injuries and internal damage caused by the presence of Nerubian venom. I hereby put in a request to seek medical leave. I will not need transportation. I wil...
Small Gaige 6y
Gaige0576Small Gaige 6y
Plaguelands Expedition

Incident Report - September 26th

Personnel PresentMyself (Corporal Sebastian Blake)Corporal Arkley BronsonCorporal Vannesira SmithPrivate Lenina TriasPrivate Bereden McKayAttendant Elsa BowdenSummaryThe aforementioned parties were traveling back to camp from Caer Darrow, after t...
Small Sebastian Blake 6y
Sebastian Blake0560Small Sebastian Blake 6y
Plaguelands Expedition

Pilgrimage to Uther's Tomb

Attendees: Arkley, Sebastian, Elsa, Lennina, Vannesira, Claire, and Kelmia of the League of Lordaeron.The Regiment would march from Hearthglen to the south East of Andorhol, under guard of some of Tirion's honor guards, with a Sergeant from the Le...
Small Claire Greystone 6y
Claire Greystone2814Small Claire Greystone 6y
Plaguelands Expedition

September 20th, 34 K.C. The Living Cave

Report by Corporal Arkley BronsonThe First Regiment received a request for aid from one of the Argent Commanders at Hearthglen. Several patrols had gone missing near the Throndroril river and they were mounting a search and rescue. The soldiers of...
Small Arkley Bronson 6y
Arkley Bronson2902Small Maxen Montclair 6y
Plaguelands Expedition

The Writhing Haunt.

September 19th, 34 KC.Private Draemar and a company of soldiers led an investigation of the farmland known as The Writhing Haunt. Word had spread of a possible infestation of scourge building up in said area. Upon departing from Hearthglen, the gr...
Small Solaris Starvale 6y
Solaris Starvale0547Small Solaris Starvale 6y
Plaguelands Expedition

September 16th, 34 K.C. Lumber Rumble

Report by Corporal Arkley BronsonThe regiment received a request for action Tuesday evening from an Argent commander stationed at Hearthglen. Drudges collecting timber had come under attack from a newly unified Redpine gnoll warband. While many of...
Small Arkley Bronson 6y
Arkley Bronson0530Small Arkley Bronson 6y
Plaguelands Expedition

September 14th, 34 K.C. Stratholme Remnants

Report by Corporal Arkley Bronson.After their successful mission to repel a renewed assault on Stratholme by the previous Scourge occupants, the Argent Crusade focused on establishing supply lines through the Plaguewood. Unfortunately these carava...
Small Arkley Bronson 6y
Arkley Bronson2840Small Maxen Montclair 6y
Plaguelands Expedition

Report: Mushroom Problems

Participants:Corporal Arkley BronsonPrivate Corporal Vannesira SmithDescription:Corporal Bronson and I decided to go on an expedition into the Plaguewood to recover a sample of one of the giant mushrooms. Upon reaching the mushroom, Corporal Brons...
Small Vannesira Smith 6y
Vannesira Smith0738Small Vannesira Smith 6y
Plaguelands Expedition

September 2nd, 34 K.C. Crown Guard Patrol

Report by Private Arkley Bronson.The First Regiment organized a small patrol the day after their combined march with the Magus Senate of Dalaran resulted in yet another cultist ambush. The Argents gave them this task after suspicions began to moun...
Small Arkley Bronson 6y
Arkley Bronson2836Small Maxen Montclair 6y
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