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Fel Reaver Crisis

[Pinned] Fel Reaver Crisis Gallery

Below is a link to the Campaign's Gallery of screenshots! If you would like any of your own screenshots added to this gallery, send them to me via a Website Message!Campaign Gallery
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Maxen Montclair1925Small Maxen Montclair 5y
Fel Reaver Crisis

The Big Move 1/11/2014

Leader Alasdair Participants ElevaanCanderosJohnragamondHarintonThadonVannesiraDresana Debriefing The day started out as the sun -- moon -- set in the everlasting darkness of the red wastes. The First Regiment gathered at the stone set in the de...
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Ournomas31529Small Maxen Montclair 8y
Fel Reaver Crisis

Comunications post established.

Date: 11 of JanuaryParticipants:Private Vannesira SmithPrivate Harinton JonesOverview:After the new base at the fortress know as the Overlook was fortified, Private Jones and myself decided that it was best that a communications post was set up in...
Small Vannesira Smith 8y
Vannesira Smith21044Member avatar small -Deleted- 8y
Fel Reaver Crisis

'Report': Excursion to Expedition Armoury (1/11/2014)

Mission Report - Agent Dresana LockeLocation: Expedition Armoury, Hellfire PeninsulaDate: 11 January, 34 L.C.Parties InvolvedPrivate Thadon StoneframePrivate Elevaan (the Steadfast, apparently)Defiler (good gods, what a title) Alasdair Shadlith.An...
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Victrienne Falconheart21139Member avatar small -Deleted- 8y
Fel Reaver Crisis

Preparations: Scouting, 1/11/2014

LeaderMes Shadlith Participants Vannesira SmithHarinton Jones Debriefing Upon the uncertainty of living concerns such as shelter, fortification, location, I, Mes Shadlith set out upon horseback to traverse the wastes of the peninsula with Harinton...
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Ournomas21060Small Theodora De Vries 8y
Fel Reaver Crisis

Patrol Jan 9th

PATROLNAME AND RANK: Private Meriliah ForgerDATE: January 9th, 34 L.C.Patrol consisted of the following:Sir ElevaanCorporal Bhaldorn MacLarenDresana LockeDefiler Mes ShadlithSir Kuth AnnerCorporal Morim StoneframeCorporal Thomas KalronA brief summ...
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