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Discovery of Pandaria

[Pinned] Discovery of Pandaria Gallery

Below is a link to the Campaign's Gallery of screenshots! If you would like any of your own screenshots added to this gallery, send them to me via a Website Message!Campaign Gallery
Small Maxen Montclair 5y
Maxen Montclair1846Small Maxen Montclair 5y
Discovery of Pandaria

Temporary Assinged Duty, Kt-Lt. Thomas Reignsford

ATTN: Commanding Officer, First Regiment, Elwynn Brigade, Stormwind ArmySUBJ: Temporary Assigned DutyFollowing individual will proceed on TEMPORARY DUTY as indicated andwill return to permanent station upon completion of temporary duty:Kt-Lt. Reig...
Small Thomas Reignsford 8y
Thomas Reignsford1744Small Thomas Reignsford 8y
Discovery of Pandaria

In Search of the Pawn

October 19th, 622 K.C.HMS Logan, Elwynn Brigade Expeditionary Fleet.Your Majesty,As I write this report, the fleet sent out at your command fast approaches Pandaria. By the light's graces the weather has been kind to our journey thusfar. We have e...
Small Maxen Montclair 9y
Maxen Montclair1721Small Maxen Montclair 9y
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