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Fjord Colony Defense

[Pinned] Fjord Colony Defense Gallery

Below is a link to the Campaign's Gallery of screenshots! If you would like any of your own screenshots added to this gallery, send them to me via a Website Message!Campaign Gallery
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Maxen Montclair1325Small Maxen Montclair 3y
Fjord Colony Defense

The Northrend Campaign

Post pictures of our Northrend Campaign if you got em!The First forming up for the assault on Giants' Run
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Antegas Lemartes2706Small Mairaed O'Callaghan 7y
Fjord Colony Defense

Ambush at Whisper Gulch - July 20th, 622 K.C.

After receiving reports from scouts located located around the Forsaken's Apothecary Camp in Northern Howling Fjord that suggested a caravan from that base would be moving towards New Agamand, Corporal Rikner Sliv organized a squad of soliders to ...
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Rikner Sliv1475Member avatar small Rikner Sliv 7y
Fjord Colony Defense

Battle of the Shattered Straits, July 11, 622 K.C.

To Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair Duke of Westridge,The plan formulated by Admiral Fortindun and myself went smashingly. On the eleventh of July, Admiral Fortindun piloted the ‘acquired’ goblin zeppelin over the Shattered Straits in order to break t...
Small Lucco "Basilieus" Margiano 7y
Lucco "Basilieus" Margiano1692Small Lucco "Basilieus" Margiano 7y
Fjord Colony Defense

The Battle of the Isle of Spears, July 9th, 632 K.C.

To Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair Duke of Westridge,On the ninth of July, Admiral Thorband, Kegan Windsor, and myself led an assault on the North Sea Slavers harassing our allies, the Kamugua Tuskarr. We took the Kamugua Lift down to the Isle of Spe...
Small Lucco "Basilieus" Margiano 7y
Lucco "Basilieus" Margiano2705Small Retired Sergeant Ceylin Twinblades 7y
Fjord Colony Defense

Deployment to Northrend

Assembling with The Duskwood BrigadeDeparting Westbrook GarrisonMaxen Leading The WayPrayers For The Journey - Cathedral of Light
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Mairaed O'Callaghan1577Small Mairaed O'Callaghan 7y
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