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Bridgeport Fusiliers

On the Use of Hand Grenades

The GrenadeIntroductionMade out of cast iron. and heavy, grenades are a new and innovative weapon in the Fusiliers arsenal. They are capable of clearing out small groups of enemies, as well as destroying minor fortifications. In order to be able t...
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Bridgeport Fusiliers

The Musket Methodology

Link to Article: The Musket Methodology, by Edrington W. GrunwaldIntroduction and Background Information:The Musket Methodology, or A Treatise on Tactics, Drill, and the Handling of Firearms, is a manual composed by Edrington W. Grunwald, a soldie...
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Bridgeport Fusiliers

Iron Horde Siege Machinery

On the order of Captain de Vries, a pamphlet has been compiled briefly discussing the common forms of Iron Horde artillery and fortresses, and some considerations for dealing with them. All soldiers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with th...
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Bridgeport Fusiliers

Gunnery Demonstration & Training - 1/3 - 626 K.C.

Report: Bridgeport Fusiliers Demonstration & TrainingComposer: Edrington W. GrunwaldDate of Report: 3 January 626 K.C.Attendance: Captain Jonathan De Vries (Jonathan) Lieutenant Ismond Laldere (Ismond) Mother Muriah Laldere (Muriah) Sergeant E...
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Bridgeport Fusiliers

The Fusilier's Kit

While there are a variety of roles inside the Bridgeport Fusiliers, each with their own unique kit and gear, all will share most of the following items included in this list. Keep in mind that some of the items here can be classified as personal o...
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Bridgeport Fusiliers

Battalion Roster (Deprecated)

31st Battalion of Foot "The Bridgeport Fusiliers"Battalion Roster Battalion Gunnery Chief:Sergeant Edrington W. Grunwald Fusiliers of the 31st:Private Bauldrune Cyrus-West - Musketeer Recruit Ellizibeth von Spraker - Recruit In Remembrance of the...
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Bridgeport Fusiliers

The Training of a Musketeer

On the Training and Preparation of a MusketeerAs a soldier seeking to enter the ranks of the 31st Battalion of Rifles, otherwise known by their moniker of the The Bridgeport Fusiliers, you will be required to undergo a series of exercises and exam...
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Bridgeport Fusiliers

Engineering Specialization Information

The foremost tool of the engineer is knowledge. To that end, the Royal Army makes the following publications available to prospective and current engineers. Copies of all of these texts can be found in the library of any garrison or barracks.Storm...
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Bridgeport Fusiliers

Rifle Competition and Training - March 3rd, 35 L.C.

Training Report - "Rifle Competition"Event Hosted By:Private Casseus RatterAttendees:Lord Marshal - Maxen MontclaireKnight-Lieutenant - Bhaldorn MacLarenSergeant - Sebastian BlakeSergeant - Alison ClementPrivate - Regis ShadowgearPrivate - Reliria...
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