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Brotherhood of the Horse

Progress Report: Roy Sebale

Squire: Roy Sebale, CorporalKnight Mentor: Jeremaias Auromere, SergeantDate: 12 January, 37 L.C.Milestones Completed:Practicals Weapons proficiency. Cpl. Sebale has proven his proficiency with all weapons but the lance through his qualification...
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Brotherhood of the Horse

Dossier of the Brotherhood

Dossier of the BrotherhoodPast and Current Cavaliers of Westridge Sir Alexzandir Hemsworth the Vigilant Sir Aliaes Loucelles the Cruel Sir Aliax Metellus the True Dame Alison Clement the Apt Sir Antegas Lemartes Sir Araliaess Delamond the Butcher ...
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Brotherhood of the Horse

Cavalier Arms and Armor Guide

((WIP)) Contents: Diagram and Glossary of Armor Components How to Arm a Knight Weapons of a Knight-Cavalier
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Brotherhood of the Horse

Announcement on Horsemanship and Mounted Combat Training

To: First Regiment personnel From: First Regiment CommandDate: November 6th, 35 L.C. Subject: Horsemanship and Mounted Combat TrainingIn response to continued interest, Command invites all regimental personnel to take part in upcoming horsemanship...
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Brotherhood of the Horse

Spur Ride: Weapon's proficiency bronze spurs

Leader of eventSir Ythvar IronskarAttendeesSir GreywaldMeriliah ForgerHarinton JonesAralieass DelamondDescriptionBeginning training for Squires of the Brotherhood, Squires Meriliah Forger, Harinton Jones, and Aralieass Delamond all acquired weapon...
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Brotherhood of the Horse

Chivalric Code

The Westridge Cavaliers and Knights of Westridge follow a code of chivalry adapted from the Brotherhood of the Horse. While short in length, each tenet has long-reaching implications that each knight must discover and take to heart on their own.Th...
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Brotherhood of the Horse

Trials of the Brotherhood

The Trials of the Brotherhood were a series of quests and tasks established by Duke Maxen Montclair for aspirants and squires of the Brotherhood of the Horse of Westridge to complete in order to attain knighthood.The trials are divided by the thre...
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Brotherhood of the Horse

Dubbing Ceremony of the Brotherhood of the Horse

A Dubbing Ceremony is an event in which a squire or aspiring knight is made a knight through an oath to their leige-lord. While ceremonies vary from order to order, the Westridge Cavaliers use the following procedure when inducting knights to thei...
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