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Character Journals

Dame Bastad's Weapon of Choice (exerpts)

On the outside, the book looked fairly normal, all things considered. No glossy images, no glowing runes, nothing to identify just what this book was, though there were areas where grease or drink had fallen on it and hadn't been cleaned up.Inside...
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Character Journals

The Diary of Lennina Barov

The book your about to read is small and bound in black leather it is inscribed “Lenina’s Diary.” Turning over the cover you find penned in ink “ A gift to my little sister” It is signed “Jandice Barov”. Lenina has written Her name on the top lef...
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Character Journals

Sebastian's Journal

The notebook is slim, bound in plain, black leather, and looks reasonably new and unused. The first page simply reads “Journal of Sebastian R. Blake – Corporal of the First Regiment of the Stormwind Army.” In a scratchy, sloping hand.April 25, 34 ...
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