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Character Journals

The Diary of Sebastian J. Blake

The cover of the diary, encased in black leather, is embossed with the mark of the Silver Hand. Within the crisp pages, the first simply reads "Diary of Sir Sebastian Joseph Blake the Valiant, Paladin-Knight of the Silver Hand. and Sergeant of the...
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Character Journals

John Keyson's Journal

Johnathan Keyson's military journal is one that he has had since his childhood. It is brown, made of cowhide leather, and measures eight inches by five inches. It is evident in the leftmost side of the journal that nearly a hundred pages have be...
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Character Journals

Training Day

The concept:Each day Markus will train up to two attributes alone. A single d10 roll will determine his success. 1 INJURED. Negative 2 modifier for next training session.2-4 UNSUCCESSFUL TRAINING. Negative 1 modifier.5-7 NEUTRAL TRAINING. No modif...
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Character Journals

A Quiet Journey

The notebook is worn, the leather stale and very old. It is bound together by a strap that is well past it's prime, almost as old as it's owner, you presume. Nothing out of the ordinary signified it was something other than just a simple journal. ...
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Character Journals

Edrayne Morrisons Journal

8 May 625 K.C.Hell of a week. Got a concussion with a few broken toes a few days ago. Then last night I decided it was a good idea to continue my ranger training and I get a broken ankle from a crocolisk bite. Killed the bastard in the end and end...
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Character Journals

Craithe Verrington

Day OneMy mother always told me to keep a journal. I never saw the purpose until now. There are so many things that have happened in the past few days! I joined The First Regiment. I'm interested in one of their sections to follow, but I cannot di...
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Character Journals

The Ramblings of Valcore Bereden MacKay

_________________________________________________________Author Note - This Journal includes heavy language, and contains a lot of misplaced hate for other characters in the First and other organizations. Please be aware that this is not a reflect...
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Character Journals

An Enchanted Journal

An ever-present article on Mathias' person is a worn but sturdy haversack and within it, his personal effects and professional belongings are kept and contained. Among the collection is a pipe, a pair of half-moon spectacles, herbs, potions, tinct...
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Character Journals

Almeon's Scribbles

The majority of the book is filled with scribbled notes, charts, and equations. His thoughts are penned in hurried, sloppy cursive, filling the margins.I have fallen in with an odd sort of group.They are not odd. They are perfectly normal for what...
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Character Journals

The Journal of Meriliah Forger

The journal looks relatively new; the paper stark white, the spine unbroken. It is bound in fine leather, but for the most part remains unadorned, except for the clasp, which is made of an intricately carved silver. Upon closer inspection, the det...
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Character Journals

The Writings of Sirina Malabisse

Stored away in a magical vault where Sirina Malabisse kept her other things was a simple brown tome. If one were to open it, they would be confronted with the words, 'Property of Sirina Malabisse'. The handwriting was elegant and showed no mistake...
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Character Journals

Bryanna's Journal

Entry #237 - 2/28/33This text appears to be rushed, as if out of panic. Later crossed out.I've made a big mistake. I need to run away, I need to get away fast before I can even face swords and shields and things. I'm not meant for this! My mother ...
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Character Journals

The Memoire of Tyrone Baast

You may see Tyrone writing furiously in a leather-bound journal some day. It is linked back to the library of House Baast and is his first-hand account of what is going on. These are his stories...--------------------------------------------------...
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Character Journals

Moonsteel Clad Journal

December 27th, 33 L.C.Former Laughingskull outpost, Deadgrin inside of Gorgrond.Rylay Oarster In the journey one always finds out something that either they must learn, or must adapt to. I have not been one to write inside of this journal aside fr...
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Character Journals

Hari's Journal (Finally)

*This journal is leather-bound and is marked on the spine of the book with the initials saying HKJ. The inside reads "This is the journal of Harinton Kenneth Jones."Entry 1. Written in Northern Stranglethorn, May 15.*Many bugs remains are scattere...
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Character Journals

Iron-bound Journal

-The front of the small red book would be bound with black iron and have the words "Vannesira Jane Smith, Keep Out." Written on it. It would be kept shut by an intricate locking system-6th of September, 34 L.CI hate this place, especially the mush...
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Character Journals

Ewyah's Journal of sorts

Dear Hemit, Remember when you told me that one day I would look up from my sleep and feel the call again? That day has come my dearest Hemit. When you met me, I had served for a few thousand years alongside the Sentinels. But I left that. I left...
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Character Journals

The Calm Before the Storm

The cover is a dull crimson, sporting a fair amount of scratches and color differences. This journal is obviously old, as it gives a light squeak when the reader pulls opens its seemingly prehistoric bindings. Upon the first page, the top of the p...
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Character Journals

Dusty Journal - Private Lightpath

Laying hidden inside a bookshelf of the Command Center, sits a dusty journal. This journal has hand marks that must be recent over it as if a grip, showing it was recently used.PG 1I am gonna keep track of stuff here in the Journal, and I guess th...
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Character Journals

Emitha Arlarin's Journal

Day 1:Today I joined up with the Stormwind Army. I'm hoping to find purpose here, or die, either is better than a life of doing nothing. I swore the oath, and was expecting to be given a day to prepare, but things were different. The second I was ...
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