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Character Journals

A Rolled Journal - Caiterina Stonewall

April 7, 36 LCWell, I did it! I joined the army! The unit I’m in is called the First Regiment and so far, I’ve been interviewed, inducted, and outfitted. I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to do for now, but the Captain (What was his name?) to...
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Character Journals

A Tattered Leather Journal - Valerie Clese

[The front half of the journal is filled with stories of her travels before joining the Regiment.]Nov. 15, 626 K.C.Figured I might as well dig this thing out again, now that I'm settled into a more regular routine... I did it. I finally enlisted w...
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Character Journals

Grunwald's Journal

Were one to ever find this journal, they would note the tome’s simplicity – a distinct lack of personality, flare, or uniqueness. A simple leather-bound book, with not even a strap to keep it closed. Upon opening the book, the first few pages cont...
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Character Journals

Roy Sebale's (Poorly Written) Journal

Roy looked at the journal like a child inspecting a new object. He opened it, flipping through the myriad of blank pages, trying to figure out what he wanted to write in them. By the fire light of the camp in Stranglethorn he took the charcoal to ...
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Character Journals

A Stonewalled Journal

July 21th 22thCaitie said I should write in this thing. She carried it in her herb bag and now it smells weird. I dont like writing. This is stupid. I dont even have anything to say.I got my hat fixed. So. Thats nice I guess. It had a hole in it. ...
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Character Journals

An Enchanted Journal

September 8th As of this entry, I have been invited to take residence at the tower that houses Westridge's magi. While not as extensive a library as I am used to, it certainly is not lacking in knowledge or amenities. It is quite a suitable locati...
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Character Journals

An Embroidered Journal - Muriah A. Laldere

Amid the clutter of medical documentation and official postings of the Church is a book approximately six-by-eight inches in dimension. The face of this stained leather book is embroidered with white thread to create the visage of a few lilies. De...
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Character Journals

A Thin Journal, Etched with Silver – Victrienne Falconheart

19 February, 36 K.C.These pages are creased, folded, stained with a dark blotch at once corner.It is on this darkest of days that I have elected to begin this writing. The garrison is lost, the men are lost, and I fear that hope of success or even...
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Character Journals

A Fallen Deadeye

"March, I do, to the death with the legion,Legion that burns and legion that blights,O, for a legion that slaughters with relentless might.Nothing stops me, remorse nor sorrow,For I live to see my home the next tomorrow."-Forsaken: 9-13. Cullen Di...
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Character Journals

Garumm's Simple Writings.

((Written in a plain brown leather bound journal with the image of a hammer and anvil scratched into the front cover and the letters G.H. on the anvil.))((The first couple pages would be some scribbles and point form notes scribbled)) Order of St...
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Character Journals

Karanar Ironblood's Heavy Sketchbook/Journal

The following journal is written in both Common and DwarvenFeb 17, 36 L.C.Journal Entry Five-hundred and twenty seven One (let's start fresh): I finally was given the opportunity to drop my political responsibilities and rejoin the front lines of ...
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Character Journals

Musings of a Revane - Domri's Journal

17 March, 36LCI said I'd be keeping one of these, so I am. I didn't much expect when I got that missive that I would find myself on a boat and thrust right into the middle of things so quickly. It's not that I'm complaining, but it's certainly no...
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Character Journals

"Action No Relaxin'" Jackson Baifers

Within this old leathery tome is the journal entries of a demigod.4/6/626KCtraineg today trainingwe can do itmuther mure had bloo lips what the fuckthis corfporal shit random f the corporal is good with training
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Character Journals

Clement Weather - A Lieutenant's Journal

This leather bound journal was roughly five, by seven inches in size. Its outer cover was hand carved and intricately designed with multilayer dyes. The resulting colors would contrast with the brass metal used in the closure. The closure itself b...
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Character Journals

A Bery Good Time - Lythora's Journal

April 6, 626 K.C."Back home fully, are you?" - Lionel NewberyDrifting aimlessly. That is how best I can describe life for these past few murky years. Going wherever my feet carried me, closing my eye and placing my finger blindly on an open map, a...
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Character Journals

Magical Musings

4/3/36 L.C.It is strange to think that the return home felt foreign after all that we faced while on the savage planet. This was my first time off world, much less out of the realm of Stormwind itself. I haven heard it said that war changes people...
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Character Journals

An Old, Battered Journal

February 7, 36 L.C.Well, Grandma always said that if something was troubling you, or you wanted it remembered, then you ought to "write the damn stuff down". So here I am. Kelasande Raiwood- make that Private Raiwood (with plenty of 'ohmyLightIa...
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Character Journals

The Musings of Dresana Locke

The below work is written in a series of numbers, scribbled in lines and columns across the pages. The small black book is clasped shut with a small copper lock, and, as a testament to its author's psyche, a vial of acid protects the apparatus fro...
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Character Journals

Crowe's Collection of Contemplation.

Atop the table sat a black book that looked relatively well kept, though some age and use was evident in its spine. Numerous pages were written upon, though a red ribbon helped to mark which page was the last written in. Emboldened on the first pa...
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