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Character Journals

[Pinned] In-Character Journals

"Words are a lens to focus one’s mind."- Ayn RandJournals are a great way to keep track of the events and situations in a character's life. Perhaps your character decides to keep one! All members are encouraged to submit and keep a journal, diary,...
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Character Journals

Diligently Hidden Journal

[OOC]Digiligently Hidden Journal is designed to show some of the depth to the characters "frame" that isn't going to be able to be seen often, if at all, in actual interactions with him. It will contain personal thoughts, philosophies (he studies ...
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Character Journals

A Scrappy-Looking Leather Notebook

Name Legend: (because nicknames can get confusing)The First Regiment Ame (Amellia) Ara / Arcy (Araceia) Sir Ara (Aralieass) Cash / Cashen / Cashyboy / Bailey (Cashenbailey) Cloverbell (Clõver) Connie (Conorsela) Gingersnaps / Ginger (Dööley...
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Character Journals

A Field Diary

It was the end of the day and like all those before it, there had been a flurry of trainings, meetings, and activity. It seemed never-ending at times, and she always returned back to her desk to a new pile of paperwork.The Dame hated paperwork. Th...
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Character Journals

Green and Gold Embroidered Journal

(The handwriting is neat and large, with a slight 75 degree angle.) April 23rd.It’s been years since I’ve had a journal and I wonder how useful it will be. The first time I wrote in one, I was but a child, learning how to write. The tutors at the ...
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Character Journals

Chandler's Wax Marked Journal

March 18thTime to break open the old book and finally start writing in it I suppose. Deployment is busy but not busy enough to occupy every moment of my time. With all the tension though, I need every moment of my time occupied to stop from going ...
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Character Journals

Ave's Journal!

October 19th Well, I guess it's time to start another journal. What to talk about......? Oh, I've had to dust off a few of my old manuals. I'm honestly debating on whether to give them to Roanne, or write her a copy. It's been years since...
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Character Journals

A Soft Blue Leather Bound Journal

The Journal is written in neat, swirling cursiveDecember 8 - Entry OneMother said I should keep one of these. She tells me it's... Helpful to be able to write one's thoughts instead of them simply crowding in your mind, making you unable to think...
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Character Journals

A Leatherbound Journal - Araceia Lightsmyth

Entry One:As I begin to understand just how this whole 'soldier' thing works, I find myself with a deeper understanding and respect for life. I've served many different purposes, fulfilled many roles in my life.. But I believe this is my true call...
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Character Journals

What is the Light?

You are the Holy LightI’ve known you since I was born. My mother and father always told me that you were good and I believed that, I still believe that. You left with them to Northrend when I was twelve. You returned with them in caskets. I scream...
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Character Journals

Abagail's Perspective of the Three Virtues

The Three Virtues of the Light:Respect. A word known all to well to me that is heavily tied into loyalty to a person, persons or greater. Growing up into such a harsh land that has subjected not only myself but my own family to hard times has put ...
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Character Journals

A blue leather journal - Cirilynne Bycroft

Day 1 with the 1st RegimentI promised a friend I'd write about this, so here goes. I consider it fortunate that I know how to write, so I'm going to use it. They say the pen is mightier than the sword. By the Light that sounds pretentious. I've ...
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Character Journals

'Finding Who I Am.' - Words of Karlinne N. Rivers

September Twenty-Seven, page one. Respect. It's really an unspoken way of communication which builds strong relations between people. When a person shows respect for anyone, then it means that the person has value for them. We need to be uplifting...
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Character Journals

The Path To Ordainment [[ Kimberly Sweete's Journal ]]

The light guides us in many ways. She holds our hand in the darkest of moments and shows us the right way to wander. Our steps become eased, our minds rested, as the warmth embraces us as one of its own. A motherly figure, the divine light is hom...
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Character Journals

Memoirs and Entries of Kikki Haustbarn

I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew);Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who.I send them over land and sea, I send them east and west;But after they have worked for me, I give them all a rest.I let th...
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Character Journals

An Old Leather Journal - Thomas Reignsford

((OOC - This will contain some backdated journals entries covering important events in Reigns' life as well as more recent events and more going forward))--INTRO--On a bookshelf in one of the Common Areas of the Westridge Garrison sets an old leat...
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Character Journals

A Brown Leather Journal - Theodore Kovalevsky

September 16th - 36 L.C.Stormheim CampaignBelow decks of the HMS Adamant---The sun has long been below the horizon, and so goes with it the first day of my first deployment with the Regiment. Admittedly, I don’t have an incredible amount to say ab...
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Character Journals

A Monogrammed Book

((This journal is filled with notations in four languages, bars of meticulously-copied music, the odd sketch of something or other accompanied by calculations of who knows what, and scattered writings.))10 MayIdiot.Other people know what they're a...
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Character Journals

Black leather journal- Roanne Venmenn

September 17th-I seriously doubted my decision in enlisting into the actual military of Stormwind when we boarded the ship and sailed to Stormheim. Everything happened so quickly, I didn't get much of an orientation, but I will learn the rigmarole...
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Character Journals

Brandon Wright's Journal

December 12thSo, exciting news! I finally met a ranger, a real one! Caiterina Stonewall is her name. A really interesting person. She told me about what I can do to get involved with the Rangers of Mirwood. I'm reading stuff and practicing my arch...
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