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Journals and Stories


((Hey everyone! I wanted to explain my OOC absence in an IC way, and had the idea to write this. It's set right after the Arathi campaign. This is my first time writing something WoW related, so I'm open to all constructive criticism. Enjoy!)) Ro...
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Sir Rorann Ke'tar1592Small Sir Rorann Ke'tar 8y
Journals and Stories

Story: Shade

Here's a second story I've written. It's set just prior to Stonetalon. It's partly me experimenting with writing something dialogue-heavy, and partly some backstory on Dres' new position. I hope you enjoy!The air of SI:7 is hot with the encroachin...
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Victrienne Falconheart1736Small Victrienne Falconheart 8y
Journals and Stories

Moonwell Matters

*This did not actually take place, however the overall theme was one that was present for Ewyah during the Stonetalon campaign. Hope you enjoy this little bit of Ewyah insight!*Silent red eyes pierced the darkness. Ewyah, the tall, slender ranger,...
Small Dame Ewyah Ke'tar the Savage 8y
Dame Ewyah Ke'tar the Savage1583Small Dame Ewyah Ke'tar the Savage 8y
Journals and Stories

Bullet Holes

Ewyah stood shoulder to shoulder with the Dame Theodora. Her last arrow had sailed and landed perfectly in the head of a running pirate. Her eyes were a fierce red, her posture strong. This was child's play for the seasoned ranger sentinel. Drunk...
Small Dame Ewyah Ke'tar the Savage 8y
Dame Ewyah Ke'tar the Savage1769Small Dame Ewyah Ke'tar the Savage 8y
Journals and Stories

Letters – To Be sent in case of IMMEDIATELY

Dearest Darrian,As we prepare to depart on another deployment, our Captain recommended us writing letters to our family or friends in the event that we were to pass on or be horribly injured or things. I found myself questioning why we wait so lon...
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Fyona1627Small Fyona 8y
Journals and Stories

(Story) Flicker

Hi all! This is my first attempt at a WoW-related creative writing, so we'll see what happens. I figured I'd get the ball rolling with the new commendation system! Without further ado, here's the story:_____________________Flicker. Flicker. Flicke...
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Victrienne Falconheart21209Small Maxen Montclair 8y
Journals and Stories

IC denouncement of Holy League: Draft reply

[[ This is a draft of the reply I want to make to the thread about the holy league on the forums. I am submitting it here for vetting first. Here is thr thread if you haven't seen it: IC Denouncement]]Mother Maverith was walking briskly towards...
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Journals and Stories

Upon this hill (poem)

((This journal is written as Gaige rests on a hill in Greenwarden's Grove, Wetlands))As I lay weary upon this hillWith my armor now stained fresh from the killI sit and I wonder as I restIs this brutal campaign for the bestOr are we repeating past...
Small Gaige 8y
Gaige11161Small Gaige 8y
Journals and Stories

Of carrots and goodbyes

[[OOC note: The seeds of this vignette have been growing in my head since the exploding bridge RP. For those of you who weren't present, Maverith was riding on her horse Molly across the bridge outside the Regiment Garrison and fell victim to a b...
Small Maverith Telloran 8y
Maverith Telloran21149Small Maxen Montclair 8y
Journals and Stories

Mysterious Eerie Journal

[PAGE: 1]<Upon being opened, a chill runs down your spine. It feels like the book is staring right at you, as if the book itself is alive.>----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[P...
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Journals and Stories

A rainy night in Redridge

It is a cold and rainy night in Redridge. Where this a summer eve, the boardwalk would be occupied by the joyful yells of children playing, but now all that can be heard is the rain hitting the buildings, and in the far distance you can hear the f...
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Gaige1808Small Gaige 8y
Journals and Stories

"The Esquire of Redridge"

Recommended Reading for New Paladins NOTE ABOUT THIS DOCUMENT:This document is in the Adobe PDF format. When you click on it, Google will attempt to open it, but I have...
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Journals and Stories

[Story] Shootout in Westfall

The battlefront had been the small space between the blacksmith's home and the inn; an alleyway that was only narrow enough to fit in a small cart. From the west, a wind had picked up and began to pick up dust and dried plant debris. Kimarette Mas...
Small Lady Rennali Sunwhisper 9y
Lady Rennali Sunwhisper1692Small Lady Rennali Sunwhisper 9y
Journals and Stories

Ranshor, the Mage's Fang

On a calm, cool night rang the footsteps of a heavy plate-bearer, followed by the lighter and more elegant taps of an elven woman. They quietly argued with one another, bathed in the light of Dalaran's candles. "Stone, I can't let you do that, y...
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Journals and Stories

There is no end.

There is no end.The skies were gray as a battered fleet of Alliance warships made its way across the rolling sea. Several of the ships were significantly damaged - windows shattered, decks sundered, sails torn. Only the weary slapping of waves acr...
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