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Journals and Stories

Report to the Silver Hand

Submitted by Sir Tyrone Baast, Knighted Paladin from Lordaeron, Private of the First Regiment of Stormwind.To whomever comes across this report, know that I am not one to take the mention of heresy lightly. The very notion that men and women of th...
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Journals and Stories

The dark cliffhanger..

The soldiers began to gather up the captives as they chained them together. The prisoners began to weakly walk out of the cells and into the courtyard. The soldiers would be seen lining the streets as they began to pull the gate free from the entr...
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Journals and Stories

A silent dawn..

January 27th 35 L.CWanduke garrisonDay four of captivity The days have seemingly meshed together as I sit down here tending to the wounded. I can only hope that my letter got out in time to get some attention. The rebels do not seem to talk much, ...
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Journals and Stories

Closed Gates

Hearing the gates slam into the frostbitten dirt Rylay turned to look towards the pass. The man nodded to himself taking an explosive tipped arrow from his quiver, lighting the tip before letting the arrow loose onto the chain of the gate. The man...
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Journals and Stories


This is a short piece I've been meaning to write for a few weeks now. As an OOC matter, it mostly justifies me changing my SI:7 code name, which had been bugging me for a while. In that vein, I apologize in advance for the confusion that'll cause!...
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Journals and Stories


Rylay walked through the dusk woods, a feint glow seemed to illuminate his path, emanating from himself. The man walked through the gates entering his lands and pulled his hood free from his ears. The man then walked straight towards the anvils in...
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Catrany Nightmane0569Small Catrany Nightmane 6y
Journals and Stories

The Dark March

Rylay ended the conversation with the Lord-Marshal, "I ask of you that I may be allowed to take my steed, and make for the garrison, alone." The Lord-Marshal would search the man over. "Very Lord Rylay, You may. I bid you safety and luck in your r...
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Journals and Stories

A long night...

The night began to set in on the square before he cathedral. Rylay began walking from his conversation with the clergy, towards the Duchess Mairaed Montclair. Standing behind the woman and to her left the man waited for the conversation she was ha...
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Journals and Stories

The Long Ride Home

Wrote up a pretty simple shortstory for Alison tonight based on what she's doing after splitting off from the Regiment after the negotiations with the Legion of Arathor!The basic focus is about her first time in her family's ancestral home as a le...
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Journals and Stories


HomecomingAll was abustle around Westbrook Garrison on the western fringes of Elwynn Forest. The clanging of swords and the scuffle of soldiers running through cracked dirt bit through the wintry air. Lady Mairaed Montclair, Duchess of Westridge, ...
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Journals and Stories

House Oarster Ledger

Rylay OarsterWestridge GarrisonJanuary 8th, 34 L.C. Dear House Oarster Ledger, The re-enlistment into the royal army was an unforseen calling, and was rash to disappear on the house with no warning. I entrusted that my daughter could speak on my ...
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Catrany Nightmane0466Small Catrany Nightmane 6y
Journals and Stories

Banners High, Storm's Nigh

I finally took the time to do a decent bit of writing for my character, Alison Clement! Essentially an introduction to three minor characters, while explaining what's been happening on her end, domestically! I'd really appreciate anyone checking i...
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Journals and Stories

Regiment Prank Wars Records.

There is a prank war afoot.It all started when the fire nation attack Jack Nolden stole Meriliah Forger's bag of candy.Records of pranks should be kept here for posterity of course.And revenge.
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Journals and Stories

October 14th, 34 K.C. The Dark Portal is under attack.

He couldn't believe his eyes. They had strolled out to the walls at the apparent sound of thunder. It wasn't thunder. Sweat adorned his brow as he climbed down the ladder. A great mechanical groaning sounded from the south."Attack! We're under att...
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Journals and Stories

The Broken Promise

The life had begun to fade from the great hardwoods of Elwynn, their leaves awash with the colors of autumn. A cool breeze carried some of these leaves down from the forest canopy, depositing them on the ground to fuel new life in the coming sprin...
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Journals and Stories

The Trial of Courage

It was late within the evening, once the Vindicator received a missive from the Exarch Council to seek out, Exarch Menelaous, out in Azure Watch. There he was to receive the task granted to work for his Trial of Courage. He made his way up back to...
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Journals and Stories

A letter to the Duke.

To Duke MontclairGreetings m'lord. As one of the primary produces of arms and armor for the Westridge armsmen, it pleases me to tell you that a part of my brothers will containing ancient techniques of weapon-making will be released in a few weeks...
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Journals and Stories

A letter of resignation

To the desk of M'lord Montclair,M'lord,after some time of contemplation, I've narrowed it down to the decision of resigning from the First Regiment. I've looked back on my time as an officer and with over forty years under my belt, I believe it's ...
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Journals and Stories

Westridge - Keeping the Home Fires Burning

(( Cross-posted on the Moon Guard Forums under the same name. If you'd like to join in either here or with the plots in-game, feel free! The more the merrier! ))
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Journals and Stories

Report: Bandit Attack, 10th of June 624 K.C

((This isn't really a report as such, it's more of a short story in report format, the attack didn't happen in-game.))Participants:Private Vannesira SmithAn unknown half orc banditDescription:Upon being granted leave for a week after our latest ca...
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