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Journals and Stories

Just another Chapter in the Legacy

September 16 - So... I see soldiers writing in books a lot, and... Well, I figure I should probably start doing it too. My father likes to say that, long after you're gone, the only thing to remember you bye, is the words you've either told, or wr...
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Theurion D Hail21035Member avatar small Theurion D Hail 4y
Journals and Stories

The Storm Inside

(Warning: The below story contains some blood, some rather dark imagery, and describes maybe just what is going on behind those laughing eyes of our favorite farmgirl. If those kind of things aren't your cup of tea, you might want to click back....
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Kelasande Raiwood2965Member avatar small Kelasande Raiwood 4y
Journals and Stories

On My Capture and Return--An Open Letter

((A crisp letter on parchment is posted within the barracks of the garrison.))To my brothers and sisters of The First Regiment,Nothing makes me happier than to be back among the ranks of The First Regiment. I've been gone for what seems like ages...
Small Alexandros/Rodrigo 4y
Alexandros/Rodrigo1839Small Alexandros/Rodrigo 4y
Journals and Stories

Strength: From Suffering

He had not known such pain for months. It was not like the stab wound, piercing arrow, or gun shot. Instead, a great fire roared inside his body as he tried his damn best to sleep. His eyes shut tight, teeth gritting tightly. The few that slept ar...
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Edrington Grunwald1654Small Edrington Grunwald 4y
Journals and Stories

𝓣𝓱𝒆 𝓒𝓸𝓾𝓡𝒆𝓼𝓼 𝓬𝓻𝔂 𝓸𝒇 π“₯𝓲𝓬𝓽𝓸𝓻𝔂

Chapter 1Setting the AtmosphereHad I been left to die? Under all of that fighting perhaps it had become to chaotic to keep up with everyone, I found myself being dragged on the fel rock ground wincing as I felt my body crying in agony, I had been ...
Small Arash Swordbane 4y
Arash Swordbane1768Small Arash Swordbane 4y
Journals and Stories

Endurance: The Cursed Watch

The skies above the hell-planet did not shine like that of Azeroth. Instead, the celestial bodies familiar to the sergeant major were replaced with swirling clouds of sickly green gas, entire slabs of earth floating incomprehensibly in the void, o...
Small Edrington Grunwald 4y
Edrington Grunwald1675Small Edrington Grunwald 4y
Journals and Stories

Dark Contemplation

(Gabriel Arkantos)Whispers echoed in the swirling darkness of his mind. Visions of fire, slaughter, and evil from his past tormented his dreams and he found himself unable to wake up. "What is it you would have of me?" Gabriel shouted to the infi...
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Alexandros/Rodrigo1725Small Alexandros/Rodrigo 4y
Journals and Stories

Heartsgrove Reclaimation Project

Heartsgrove PrologueNearly sixty years ago, in the Barony of Sarcelfen along the eastern edge of the County of Mirwood which is itself part of the Greater Duchy of Westridge, the area now known as the Withering Wood was once a lush wooded area off...
Small Thomas Reignsford 5y
Thomas Reignsford1836Small Thomas Reignsford 5y
Journals and Stories

The Incident Onboard the Cressfall

((This is a fanfiction I wrote a few years ago while I was underway one evening. It contains some cringe worthy dialogue, but I'm kinda proud of it.))I. ProlougeLord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore stepped onto the forecastle of his newly christened war...
Small Artimur Hudson 5y
Artimur Hudson1882Small Artimur Hudson 5y
Journals and Stories

Frayed Fletchings - Sarrasi's Stories

[Forward Note: I don't exactly write journal entries, but rather enjoy writing stories/aftermath of events about what my character does after events or daily happenings with their state of mind. Rarely will their be a first person perspective or a...
Small Sarrasi O'Halliran 5y
Sarrasi O'Halliran1764Small Sarrasi O'Halliran 5y
Journals and Stories

Hard Choices

The throne room of the Kings of Stormwind was vast, echoing, and no number of gaily-dressed courtiers clustering and murmuring along its walls ever seemed to fill it. Their many colognes and perfumes mingled incomprehensibly with the smell of tor...
Small Jeremaias Auromere 5y
Jeremaias Auromere21316Small Jeremaias Auromere 5y
Journals and Stories

Resignation of Neapolitan Q. Butterchurn

To whom it may concern:It is with regret that I must broach the topic of my resignation from the First Regiment of the Stormwind Army. I find that I no longer have a path forward in the regiment. When I joined it was with hopes that I could some...
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Neapolitan Q. Butterchurn1771Member avatar small Neapolitan Q. Butterchurn 5y
Journals and Stories

Working is Easier

Theodore opened his eyes slowly, wincing and blinking against the midday sun that shone down between the thick, leafy boughs of the tree he had been napping beneath. With a grunt, he sat up, looking blearily at his surroundings; the rolling, hilly...
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Kovalevsky1742Small Kovalevsky 6y
Journals and Stories

The Rite of Endurance

Roy stood in the entryway to Westbrook Garrison, staring out at the road as he stood guard. He hadn’t changed his stance in hours but for the smallest of shifts, thankful that the rain had ceased for that day unlike the first two. Sweat occasional...
Small Roy "The Real Boy" Sebale 6y
Roy "The Real Boy" Sebale0811Small Roy "The Real Boy" Sebale 6y
Journals and Stories


Checkmateβ€œDeath's dark hold now all undone; with joyful heart, we pray as one: give thanks and proclaim glory.” Heroes 8:1-14Kingsland burned.The final attack had ended, and now the colony was aflame. Sergeant Grunwald, having sent out fire brigad...
Small Edrington Grunwald 6y
Edrington Grunwald72474Small Edrington Grunwald 6y
Journals and Stories

First Aid

It had been a long deployment to Stromgarde. Many had fallen, some Taye had seen around the camp. The dwarf found himself wounded on several occasions. In truth, he was happy to be alive.The first thing he did when he got back to Westbrook was to ...
Small Taye Leadwind 6y
Taye Leadwind0788Small Taye Leadwind 6y
Journals and Stories


Jeremaias Auromere could not wash out the stains. His hands were rusty with blood, so much blood, and it wouldn't come out. As he slowly collapsed onto a nearby crate of supplies, pushing his glasses to the top of his head, he could not even hav...
Small Jeremaias Auromere 6y
Jeremaias Auromere0678Small Jeremaias Auromere 6y
Journals and Stories

A night at Stromguard

It was another cold night at Stromguard Keep, another cold night filled with watchful guards and under-the-table drinking. The perfect kind of night for Elladorie Cape. Though still mildly frustrated with her own incompetence next to her fellow ma...
Small Elladorie Cape 6y
Elladorie Cape0748Small Elladorie Cape 6y
Journals and Stories


It was late, well past midnight before Garumm has finished repairing his armor. Sleep was not coming to him easily as he tossed and turned. The battle fresh in his mind, and one like he’d not been in for some time. He was a strong fighter, and s...
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Garumm Hammersmith0789Small Garumm Hammersmith 6y
Journals and Stories

The Night Guard

One of the basic duties of recruit life was the guard shift. A new soldier would expect themselves to be on guard or in formation more often than not. And when not occupied, they should be keeping themselves busy. Taye had done a decent enough job...
Small Taye Leadwind 6y
Taye Leadwind0801Small Taye Leadwind 6y