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Meeting Report
Date: 1/31/41
Author: CPT Abigail Potter

CPT Potter
MSGT Greycliff
SGT Lloria
CPL Aubron
CPL Clemons
CPL Melkarn
PVT Cross
RCT Alloya

Regarding our current affairs in Duskwood:
- We will be assaulting the magic channeling site to the south.
- Just discovered recently by Dawnblade and Alloya, but not formally reported.
- Lloria is placed in executive charge over NCO staff for the duration of the operation in Duskwood.
- Looking to finish within the week.
- Matters are arising with sea piracy that we will be gaining further detail on soon.

Divisional affairs:
I gathered some input from various divisional members. Here are notes of what was spoken about each division:
- Clerical/Diocese: Shortage of personnel. Need more clerically inclined (a historical problem).
- Recon: Wants camouflage for recruits. Lack of peers/capacity.
- Infantry: More training, especially with combat formations.
- Infantry: Another note said that training like that is ongoing, but not on deployment.
- Battlemage: Wants more divination practices going on.
- Infantry: Too many mages in infantry leadership. Wants an authoritative presence that is more infantry-inclined.
- Clerical/Inquisition: Satisfaction with killing. No improvement necessary.
- Medical: Unhealthy eagerness to treat patience as a time attack encounter rather than with the care they need. Suggestion to have a solid work out before treating patients to expend excessive youthful energy.

Other notes:
- Enforce authority when you see fit. Do NOT allow insubordinate behavior to keep growing as that weakens our organization.
- Reports. If it isn't in a report, it didn't happen. Write your reports.
- Not asking for a novel. Just a note of an occurrence is a valid report. Add your name.

Captain Abigail Potter
1st Company
7th Battalion
1st Regiment
Stormwind Army
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