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Field Report
Date: 1/19/41
Author: CPT Abigail Potter

CPT Potter
MSGT Dawnblade
MSGT Greycliff
CPL Aubron
RCT Pheuxtman
<20 other soldiers>

Our mages tracked down the precisely location of the lich's phylactery. Lord Ebonstone offered three knights to help kill the lich that was terrorizing his county. We divisioned 20 additional soldiers to come with us from our unit.

The roads were clearer than yesterday, and we spent some time purging any animated dead. Upon arrival at the scene, we came across a number of acolytes, along with some necromancers, and plenty of undead resistance, but not quite as much as yesterday.

When we approached the building that housed the lich's phylactery, a hooded and unnamed person seemed to have possession of it. He released it and escaped in a burst of locusts, assumedly escaping (quite curiously).

When released, the lich manifest quickly and attacked with vigor. Some of his power seemed sapped, but not before he unleashed a deadly blow upon MSGT Dawnblade. In the midst of that chaos, RCT Pheuxtman took advantage and expertly bashed his helmet onto the phylactery on the ground, dispatching the lich and releasing the nearby undead from control, returning them to relatively mindless, angry husks.

RCT Pheuxtman for the quick action as described above, smashing the lich's phylactery.
MSGT Greycliff for her mastery of Light, protecting the unit during our advance against a deadly magic.
MSGT Dawnblade for intercepting a fatal spell, taking it upon himself to let it do no other harm. He is alive but weak.

RCT Norbert Barker (who was KIA prior). It appears that he had joined the acolytes - and he had charged our party while yelling. RCT Pheuxtman stabbed him fatally before we could identify who he was, and he died quickly.
<6 other casualties listed>

Captain Abigail Potter
1st Company
7th Battalion
1st Regiment
Stormwind Army
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