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Field Report
Date: 1/18/41
Author: CPT Abigail Potter

CPT Potter
CPT Witherseed
LT Aurelious
MSGT Dawnblade
BCPL Becker
CPL Aubron
CPL Doitani
PVT Belgarde
RCT Barker
RCT Carrol
RCT Pheuxtman

Today we escorted supplies to Ebonstone in Duskwood. Upon barely entering the region, we noted a heaving presence of hostility. We assume that the reported lich in the area had something to do with it.

Our caravan came under a focused attack as we got nearer to Ebonstone. We fended them off, and many soldiers heroically defended the supplies intended for the destination. The lich manifest itself before long, and with the aid of our mages, we stopped it, and killed it -- the corporeal form, at least.

Commendable effort by:
• LT Aurelious in defending the relief supplies with his blood.
• CPT Witherseed in combating the magic and gravely wounding the lich.
• CPL Doitani in similar mastery of magic to daze the lich for dispatching.
• BCPL Becker in crushing a lich with her hound.

We will be tracking the lich's phylactery and following up on that if possible. A majority of the supplies have been delivered, with some being damaged.

Sadly, these following soldiers have been killed in action:
<Among the list of 13 casualties is Norbert Barker>

Captain Abigail Potter
1st Company
7th Battalion
1st Regiment
Stormwind Army
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