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Meeting Report
Date: 1/17/41
Author: CPT Abigail Potter

CPT Potter
MSGT Dawnblade
BCPL Becker
PVT Belgarde
RCT Heartrune
RCT Pheuxtman

Meeting highlights:
  1. Ebonstone is housing too many refugees and wounded from the recent incursions.
  2. They have requested aid.
  3. We will be escorting supplies to Ebonstone for relief.
  4. Duskwood threats are dangerous.
  5. Suggestion to catapult supplies. Rejected.
  6. Suggestion to catapult supplies with a slow-fall spell. Rejected.
  7. Suggestion to send lame horses as decoys. Rejected.
  8. Suggestion to create magic decoys or similar distractions. Accepted. Master Sergeant Dawnblade appointed with responsibility.
  9. Semi-moderate resistance expected, but ultimately unknown.
  10. Report of a lich in the area attacking Ebonstone with undead. Lich was killed, but not the phylactery.
  11. Doctor Becker appointed with responsibility to oversee medical aid. Supplies contain medical relief and will be administered on-site.
  12. Many of the wounded are in critical condition.

CPT Abigail Potter
1st Company
7th Battalion
1st Regiment
Stormwind Army
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