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Date: 11/19/40
Author: CPT Abigail Potter

CPT Abigail Potter
CPT Roy Sebale
LT Darioch Aurelious
CPL Vicas Aubron
CPL Vieresea Clemons
CPL Meriliah Forger
PFC Vitallion Stansfield
RCT Elizra Carol

At 2000 hours today we went for a quickly planned sortie to provide immediate relief for a town Briar Glen - which was victim to a plague infiltration. It would appear that cultists have commandeered one of our relief carts and poisoned it. A number of civilians were already infected when we arrived.

The town was also under attack, and we fought back the scourge and killed one frostwyrm as we rallied the civilians for evacuation. Once a safe distance away, we examined the refugees closer, and unfortunately, it was too late for a many number of them.

As we dispatched the healthy civilians towards Stormwind, the rest, 23 of them, were either summarily executed or had run off into the woods. CPL Clemons had confirmed that they had little time before the infection would take hold. As CPL Aubron and LT Aurelious were about to execute the final one, it was too late, and he had turned into a monster, attacked, and was swiftly killed.

LT Aurelious reports that he may have a lead on the culprit behind this affair.

CPT Abigail Potter
1st Company
7th Battalion
1st Regiment
Stormwind Army
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