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Lesson Report
Date: 7/23/40
Author: LT Abigail Potter

LT Potter (Instructor)
LT Witherseed (Observer)
MSGT Sebale (Participant)
PVT Clemons (Participant)
PVT Coward (Participant)
PVT Robelm (Participant)
RCT Marat (Participant)
RCT Triever (Participant)

Tonight we went over a lesson on noble etiquette, including:
  • addressing the king,
  • being addressed by the king,
  • addressing a princess,
  • proper execution of curtsies and bows, courtesy of Lady Liliana and Sir Roy,
  • addressing a duke,
  • attending a noble dinner,
  • proper form while at the table,
  • how to eat,
  • how not to eat,
  • and other essentials of dinner time.

Lieutenant Abigail Potter
1st Company
7th Battalion
1st Regiment
Stormwind Army
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