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Reporter: Corporal Pridion Greycliff
Date: 3/2/40-3/3/40

Lord Commander Ismond Laldere
Lieutenant Melanie Witherseed
Sergeant Samuel Cooper
Sergeant Darioch Aurelious
Corporal Aelryndell Dawnblade
Corporal Lloria K.
Private Clye Gizzletink
Private Arachile Goldspark
Private Jerrick (Valrik’s redshirt)

At 2300 hours the company was assembled to attend an escort detail of food and Construction supplies being sent to the Garrison of Marshtide in the eastern part of the Swamp of Sorrows.

Upon mustering up for the escort it was decided that Sergeant Aurelious and Private Jerrick were to be the drivers for this escort mission due to previous experiences with driving a wagon. The rest of the Regiment formed up in front of the wagon after inventory was counted.

On the road the Regiment encountered very little up until Three Corners checkpoint to which the wagons were inspected and our mission was confirmed with the Lord Commander. The inspection went without any issue.

Once the supply convoy got into Duskwood the mood changed as the supply convoy was met with a body with arrows sticking out with a sign saying ‘we are already here’ and with that the journey continued deeper into Duskwood. The feeling of being watched followed the Supply convoy along.

Upon continuing into Deadwind pass it was certainly a place of evil as the hairs on most of the Regiment’s necks stood at attention. Nothing happened other than the Land Bridge seemed to shake when we passed over it.

Once we arrived in Swamp of Sorrows the Regiment came upon a hooded man who seemed to have Necromantic powers. To which the man summoned a mod of lesser undead to attack the supply convoy. After a few minutes of heavy fighting the Regiment came out on top to which the Hooded man disappeared without a trace.

The Supply Wagons then made it to the garrison without any further hitch.


After departing the Garrison in Swamp of Sorrows the Regiment moved to the bridge where they had left their old wagons. To find one was physically sabotaged. Upon further inspection of said wagons they were attacked again by the Hooded Necromancer and another large grouping of undead. After fighting for a while all of the Undead and the Necromancer was slain. Sergeant Hawke delivers the final blow to the Necromancer.

The rest of the journey home was much simpler with little to nothing happening at all. The same path that was taken enroute to the garrison was the taken back. Though it is noted that the Wagons were left behind and will be sent for in the days following.

Also attached is a copy of the route we took, The Manifest and directions of what we transported.

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