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Re: Line Combat and Formation training held the evening of 3/24.

Captain Sebale
Lieutenant Witherseed
Sergeant Aurelious
Corporal Lloria
PFC Gizzletink
Private Goldspark
Recruit Powell
Recruit Clarke

The training session began with some basic knowledge exercises to make sure the enlisted are keeping up on certain important things. Everyone knew their general orders but there were some hiccups with properly forming platoon order and presenting arms (recommend beginning other training sessions with quick and diverse brushup exercises like this to monitor the issue moving forward).

The main session then began and consisted of a brief instructional explanation of some of the theory behind line combat and some additional options available beyond the standard line formation, followed by practical exercise and application. In this particular session we covered the Spike Turtle, a formation that utilizes a shield front with spears backing and striking in combination. Everyone appeared to take to this lesson very quickly and it was completed well. Following this we did some basic drills on quick formation movements and how to perform row movements without getting the group jumbled up: in this instance I demonstrated to the group how to properly utilize open and close orders to facilitate group movements. Despite issues with these commands during previous training sessions, the group present did very well with the open and close order commands and executed the commands and movements in good order.

Moving forward, I would like to drill similar group combat tactics to further streamline field cohesion.

Dame nir’Kingswealder
Corporal of the First Regiment
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