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Re: Drill and Formation training held the evening of 3/2.

Captain Sebale
Lieutenant Witherseed
Lieutenant Locke
Sergeant Cooper
Corporal Lloria
Private Cowherd
Private Goldspark
Recruit VanShelby
Recruit Powell
Recruit Clarke

The training session consisted of a general test of the grasp of basic drill and formation commands of the lower enlisted and the session went fairly smoothly. The group assembled without incident and we proceeded apace. Everyone appears to have at least a grasp on the basic and most common commands, although there was a little bit too much fidgeting and the like in the line by some of the recruits. That is a minor issue but something to keep in mind, especially as we may be deploying again soon: we will want to look crisp in front of the shiteater irregulars. The main thing of note is that everyone seemed to struggle a little bit on some of the less common commands and definitions as noted below.

Open and Close Order: This issue was brought to light by a situation during the Uldum deployment. They seemed to understand the general principle of it but the execution was a little bit sloppy. If we are going to make use of this in the future I recommend incorporating this into sessions more often.

Dress, Cover, Interval, and Distance: The Platoon Order formations suffered from some slight Interval spacing issues and one of the recruits didn’t seem to know what the term meant. I recommend that we devote some time towards reinforcing these points and the differences. On that note, I think we should give some thought towards how we use the ‘Dress and Cover’ command generally as there seem to be times when Interval is included offhandedly in it without being properly defined and commanded.

Private Goldspark gave me a little bit of concern by not knowing her General Orders. This may be a moot issue however: While discussing the issue privately with her I uncovered that she appeared to have been given a very old copy of the Field Manual that did not actually contain the General Orders. I sent her off to acquire a current copy and I suspect she should not have further issues like this.

Dame nir’Kingswealder
Corporal of the First Regiment
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