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Training Report
Date: 2/25/40 L.C.
Author: CPL Aurelious

LT Potter
LT Witherseed
SGT Sontaur
CPL Cooper
CPL Aurelious (DM)
PFC Zander
PFC nir'Kingswealdar
Recruit Mimi Hooker
Recruit Goldspark

Training began at 8PM and continued until 10:30PM, with the class focusing on knife-fighting and basic movements and how to use a weapon effectively in combat circumstances. Following the training portions, there was intermittent sparring with other partners, followed by more education until a final 5-point spar at the end of the night. All those present displayed understanding of the lessons taught, with particular improvements being shown by Recruit Goldspark and Recruit Hooker. A minor injury was recieved by Corporal Cooper, as well as a dented helmet from PFC Nir'Kingswealdar, but no other information is of notable importance.

Corporal Darioch Aurelious
1st Company
7th Battalion
1st Regiment
Elwynn Brigade
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