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Reporter: Corporal Samuel Cooper
Date: 2/26/40

Lieutenant Melanie Witherseed
Lieutenant Abigail Potter
Sergeant Demetrius Sontaur
Banner Corporal Samuel Cooper
Corporal Darioch Aurelious
PFC Lloria K.
Private Clye Gizzletink
Recruit Goldspark
Priestess Azurebloom

At 2000ish hours the company was assembled to respond to a recon report that the Westfall banditry was attempting to steal munitions while committing armed robbery on the byways of the King's Lands.

- Investigate and neutralize any threat of bandit forces associating with the Westfall Confederates
- Marching Formation
- Don't die.

The march through Elwynn was noticeably peaceful and the soldiers maintained double columns to my satisfaction. Many chose to speak at my discretion and it was generally good for morale.

Unfortunately, many of the unfinished problems from before the war in the sands only festered in our absence. Illusory blood remains in Duskwood along with evidence of the fungal infection. The Family appears to be attempting to wipe out the Confederates in Westfall while we found trouble to indicate the Coven has taken over the Confederates themselves.

While crossing the bridge into Redridge we were ambushed via explosives and waylaid by undead abominations carrying the mark of Westfall bandits. This is a troubling update on the current goings on for the gang wars. The stolen munitions and patchwerk style flesh zombies is horrifying to say the least but given the state of things I'm not surprised. I need more intelligence before I'm comfortable requesting a more exploratory force.

Attached is a medical report from Sergeant Sontaur detailing any sustained injuries in the field.

Banner Corporal Samuel Cooper
1st Company
7th Battalion
1st Regiment
Elwynn Brigade
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