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Reporter: Corporal Pridion Greycliff
Date: 2/2/40

Lieutenant Melanie Witherseed
Banner Corporal Samuel Cooper
Corporal Darioch Aurelious
Corporal Istins Chandler
Private Clye Gizzletink
Private Nathan Wood
Recruit Korbarius Anderton
Recruit Arachile Goldspark

At 2300 hours the company was assembled to attend a escort detail of food and arms being sent to the Hamlet of Beachmarsh in the south western part of Westfall.

Upon mustering up for the escort it was decided that Recruit Anderton was to be the drive for this escort mission due to his previous experiences with driving a wagon. The rest of the Regiment formed up in front of the wagon after inventory was counted.

On the road the Regiment encountered a pair of farm hands who had a broken wheel on their own wagon to which Corporal Chandler used druidic magic to assist the folks with fixing the wooden wheel and the the two citizens were very grateful and carried on.

Once the supply convoy got to the beach there was a sudden stand off with a armed crab who was making threatening gestures towards the soldiers of the First Regiment, to which Corporal Cooper responded quickly with a fireball to neutralize the threat.

Upon continuing down the beach a small blond girl named Alice was then found crying as she claimed to be lost. The compassionate soldiers of the first decided to take her aboard the supply wagon and bring her to the town. Private Clyde made sure to make the child feel at ease and helped the journey greatly with her great people skills and jokes.

Once we arrived in the hamlet of Beachmarsh we met with the contact who as the chief Constable in the hamlet named Argaan. The man was grateful with seeing us and asked for assistance with unloading the supplies. While this was going on Privates Wood and Gizzletink looked for the mother of the little girl and reunited her with her mother.

However while unloading supplies the Regiment and the hamlet of Beachmarsh was then assaulted by members of the 'Family' that were responsible with the assault on supply lines prior to this incident. However due to the diligent fighting the Regiment came out on top and the supplies were handed out with ease.

I think it is worth noting Private's Gizzletink's very successful ability to calm the child and to assist in re uniting a family, Recruit Korbarius's ability to manage driving the supply convoy without any issues and lastly Banner Corporal Cooper's ability to lead the small group to the proper location.

Also attached is a copy of the route we took and the Manifest and directions of what we transported.

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Corporal Pridion Greycliff
1st Company
7th Battalion
1st Regiment
Elwynn Brigade

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