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Reporter: Banner Corporal Samuel Cooper
Date: 01/22/40

Captain Roy Sebale
Lieutenant Abigail Potter
Lieutenant Thaddeus Locke
Banner Corporal Samuel Cooper
Corporal Darioch Aurelious
PFC Lloria nir'Kingswealder
Private Clye Gizzletink
Recruit Dolin Firebeard

At 2000 hours the company was assembled to attend a small lecture on the nature of ranged weaponry, specifically archery, and how to use it even if it is not the martial weapon of your choice. Our goals were:

- Learn about the history and use of Shortbows, Longbows, and Crossbows
- The practicality of such weapons in a melee situation
- Practical Examination

After an extensive lecture about the weaponry and its uses I employed the use of Corporal Aurelious and his expertise to give a succinct demonstration on how to hold, draw, and loose the arrows. Afterwards the company engaged in a competition at my direction and creation. After three rounds of fierce competition between novice and master, Corporal Aurelious won the shoot and graciously bestowed the hard won dinner to Private Gizzletink. Next training will be over great weaponry and I have no doubt our soldiers will once again be just as capable.

A special thank you to Lieutenant Potter for encouraging the group and Private Gizzletink for showing no hesitation in using a weapon twice her size.

Banner Corporal Samuel Cooper
1st Company
7th Battalion
1st Regiment
Elwynn Brigade

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