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The Stormwind Army Recruitment Application
Please fill out the following below as accurately as possible in complete sentences and in your own words. If you are unable to reply with an answer, please give a brief explanation.

1. What is your full name? What is your race?
Ardan Coward.

2. Where were you born?
Montroux, Westridge.

3. What is your date of birth?
November 14, 21 LC.

4. Where do you currently live?
Montroux, Westridge.

5. What is your most recent occupation? Who have you worked for in the past?
Mr. Coward has been employed as a farmhand on his family’s homestead since the age of twelve. He has done self-employed labor cutting lumber for citizens of the township.

6. What skills do you have to offer?
Mr. Coward is hardy, accustomed to long hours of work, and can handle simple weapons such as axes. Mr. Coward speaks Common well but has little knowledge of letters.

7. Are you physically fit to serve as a soldier? Do you have any ailments, injuries, or curses?
Mr. Coward is physically fit and has not suffered any debilitating ailments, injuries, or curses.

8. Do you have a criminal record? If so, please explain your crimes and any punishments you endured.
Mr. Coward has no criminal record in the Township of Montroux.

9. Who would you name as your next of kin should you perish on the battlefield? What is their relation to you? Where do they live?
Mr. Coward appoints his mother Marellin Coward as next-of-kin and requests that half his salary be redirected to Marellin Coward for use in maintaining the family farm. All documentation relating to Mr. Coward’s military service and the aforementioned portion of Mr. Coward’s salary are to be directed to the Township of Montroux, to be handled by the Magistrate and Town Clerk on Mr. Coward’s behalf.

10. Do you acknowledge that by enlisting in the Stormwind Army, you will be expected to swear fealty, service, and loyalty to the Kingdom of Stormwind and the House of Wrynn above all other nations and obligations?

11. Do you acknowledge that by enlisting in the Stormwind Army, you will be expected to adopt our ethos, conduct, and way of life as a disciplined soldier?

12. Do you acknowledge that by enlisting in the Stormwind Army, you may be sent to armed conflict in any part of Azeroth or beyond, with the associated risks and responsibilities involved?

13. Do you acknowledge that by enlisting in the Stormwind Army, you may be asked to take lives in the act of protecting the Kingdom of Stormwind’s interests?

14. Why do you wish to serve with the Stormwind Army? If you are not originally a subject of the kingdom, why do you wish to enlist to serve Stormwind over your homeland?
Mr. Coward is a proud denizen of the Kingdom of Stormwind who has eagerly awaited his opportunity to give back to King and Country in a more meaningful way than peasants are often able.

15. In which Division do you wish to serve the Stormwind Army?
Mr. Coward’s primary interest is in the Infantry, but he will accept enlistment in any division deemed appropriate by the honourable officers of the First Regiment.

Written by His Honour Vance B. Tyrhault, Magistrate of Montroux, on behalf of Ardan Coward.
From Mountains Clear.
Long Live the King.

The following section is out of character; the rest of the application is meant for you, the player, to answer so that we can get an idea of who you are! Please fill out the following below as accurately as possible in complete sentences and in your own words.

1. Character name (must include alt codes if applicable), race, class and level:
Saintauguste, Level 120 Human Warrior
Cowherd, Level 1 Human Warrior
Basically the second toon is just holding the name/appearance and can show up for IC interview if needed. I'll be appearance/name-changing Saintauguste if accepted.

2. Where did you hear about the <The First Regiment> and why do you wish to join?
I’m a former member. Hello. I like RP.

3. How old are you? <The First Regiment> does not recruit players under the age of 17.

4. Please give a brief summary of your role-playing experience. What, if any, role-playing guilds have you been part of? If you were a member of the regiment before, what were the circumstances of you leaving?
I was previously part of the First Regiment. I took a hiatus from World of Warcraft in general and left TFR as part of that hiatus.

5. Have you read the guild rules in full? If so, what is the guild’s policy on uniforms?
Yes. Uniforms must be worn at all guild events (and presumably at any IC military occasion). A failure to do so will result in in-character punishment.

6. Have you read the service record page in full? If so, list five things that positively affect a person’s service record, and five things that negatively affect a person’s service record.
+ In-character commendations.
+ Consistent event attendance.
+ Participation in guild writing projects.
+ Long-term membership.
+ Providing OOC help to other members.
- In-character breach of rules of conduct.
- Poor event attendance.
- Violation of OOC guild conduct rules.
- In-character behavioral issues.
- Courts martial or other in-character proceedings of this nature.

7. Due to the premise of our guild, we often present ours members with morally ambiguous situations in which morbid or gruesome imagery may be invoked. Your character may be ordered to kill other characters, creatures or animals. We however expressly forbid sexual violence in guild role-play. Do you acknowledge these disclaimers and expectations?

8. If there is any information about your character you would like to give us out-of-character that you could not put into the in-character application, please put it here. Are there plotlines that your character is involved in that could involve the guild?
Ardan doesn’t really want to be here ICly; he made the mistake of romancing the magistrate’s daughter, and Tyrhault decided to have the lad shipped off to the military.

Also, Coward is derived from Cowherd (hence his IG name); it does not mean coward in the traditional sense necessarily.

Also also, your template shows the wrong year. It's 39 LC if I'm not mistaken.
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Hey there! We're getting an influx of returning members to the guild, which warms my heart. Your application has been approved!

My in-game name is Reynardx. If you're available now for an interview, let me know! Otherwise, seek out an officer of the guild and we'll handle that interview for you.
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