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The Stormwind Army Recruitment Application
Please fill out the following below as accurately as possible in complete sentences and in your own words. If you are unable to reply with an answer, please give a brief explanation.

1. What is your full name? What is your race?
“My name is Taidar and I am a human.”

2. Where were you born?
“A farm in Westfall, it was taken out during the cataclysm.”

3. What is your date of birth? The present year of the Lotharian Calendar is 38 LC.
March 17th, 4 LC.

4. Where do you currently live?
“An Inn called ‘The Gilded Rose’, which can be found in Stormwind City.”

5. What is your most recent occupation? Who have you worked for in the past?
“ I currently am a fisherman, as well as a tradesman. I have worked for a crew called ‘The Black Dawn’, ran by a Night Elf named Ama. Also worked as a bartender for a club owner, as well as in the army during the Pandaria Occupation.”

6. What skills do you have to offer?
“Though I am not a master of weapons, I am proficient in the use of known armaments. I am also a mechanic, able to fix most mechanical things with the engineering knowledge I have come to gain. Finally, I can fish and cook as well.”

7. Are you physically fit to serve as a soldier? Do you have any ailments, injuries, or curses?
“I am as healthy as an Ox! No known ailments, injuries, or curses. Hopefully, Light willing, it will stay that way.”

8. Do you have a criminal record? If so, please explain your crimes and any punishments you endured.
“None, completely clean.”

9. Who would you name as your next of kin should you perish on the battlefield? What is their relation to you? Where do they live?
“I do not have any next of kin. However, if you could send a letter to a Cinoe Boldu if I perish, that would be appreciated.”

10. Do you acknowledge that by enlisting in the Stormwind Army, you will be expected to swear fealty, service, and loyalty to the Kingdom of Stormwind and the House of Wrynn above all other nations and obligations?
“I hereby acknowledge to swear my fealty, service, and loyalty to the Kingdom of Stormwind and House of Wrynn. I will place their ideals, desires, as well as orders above all other nations and obligations.”

11. Do you acknowledge that by enlisting in the Stormwind Army, you will be expected to adopt our ethos, conduct, and way of life as a disciplined soldier?
“I understand that while serving under the Stormwind Arm, I will be expected to act according to the guidelines provided by my superiors.”

12. Do you acknowledge that by enlisting in the Stormwind Army, you may be sent to armed conflict in any part of Azeroth or beyond, with the associated risks and responsibilities involved?
“I acknowledge that I will be deployed to any conflict my superiors deem important, regardless of location. I accept the risks and responsibilities involved with missions given to me.”

13. Do you acknowledge that by enlisting in the Stormwind Army, you may be asked to take lives in the act of protecting the Kingdom of Stormwind’s interests?
“I understand that I will be taking lives in order to protect the Kingdom of Stormwind’s interests.”

14. Why do you wish to serve with the Stormwind Army? If you are not originally a subject of the kingdom, why do you wish to enlist to serve Stormwind over your homeland?
“Although my homeland is Westfall and a number of people there bare hatred for the Kingdom of Stormwind, my reason for serving is a simple one: to protect the city and the people that took care of me when I moved to the city. I traveled here with nothing but a friend. That friend has long since vanished to who knows where. However, the tradesmen and a few bartenders helped me with food, work, and sometimes coins to make ends meet. As a result, I want to repay them for their help by serving to protect. Well, that and send some of the earnings I make back to them.”

15. In which Division do you wish to serve the Stormwind Army?
“Anything on the frontlines. I like to be the first line of defense between myself and my brothers and sisters.”

The following section is out of character; the rest of the application is meant for you, the player, to answer so that we can get an idea of who you are! Please fill out the following below as accurately as possible in complete sentences and in your own words.

1. Character name (must include alt codes if applicable), race, class and level:
Taidar, Human Warrior. Level 120.

2. Where did you hear about the <The First Regiment> and why do you wish to join?
Rp’d with a member in the city while fishing in the Canals. He gave me a short run down. It was a few days ago, so the name is slightly blurred. I believe it was Auborn was the name.

3. How old are you? <The First Regiment> does not recruit players under the age of 17.
I am currently 22, soon to be 23.

4. Please give a brief summary of your role-playing experience. What, if any, role-playing guilds have you been part of? If you were a member of the regiment before, what were the circumstances of you leaving?
My first time role-playing was actually in World of Warcraft, back in Mist of Pandaria (towards the end of the content drought during Siege Of Orgrimmar). So I want to say I have about five years of experience. I started on Horde and then went to the Alliance for a bit. Swapped back and forth until I finally settled on Alliance. The reason I picked Moon Guard originally was because of ToA. I loved how the community came together to host such a large event. I have stayed on Moon Guard because I love how the community interacts with all players. It was something I never saw much of on Wyrmrest Accord. I have been apart of The Black Dawn on WRA (disbanded), The Blood Court on WRA (disbanded), War Riders on WRA, Axion on WRA (disbanded), Bohemian Rhapsody on WRA (I believe disbanded, not sure though), and the list goes on. While most of them were disbanded, it’s mainly because the people in these guilds moved on to other games.

5. Have you read the guild rules in full? If so, what is the guild’s policy on uniforms?
You are required to wear uniforms to most of the events. Failure to do so can/will result in in-character punishments.

6. Have you read the service record page in full? If so, list five things that positively affect a person’s service record, and five things that negatively affect a person’s service record.
Positive things that affect service record:
Earning in-character awards or commendations
Attending most/all of the Guild Campaign
Great attendance record
Consistently role-playing with guild members outside of events
Hosting Guild events
Negative things that affect service record:
Minor in-character violations
Serious in-character violations that can result in a court martial
Serious out-of-character violations with Guild Rules
Poor guild attendance
In-character behavioral issues

7. Due to the premise of our guild, we often present our members with morally ambiguous situations in which morbid or gruesome imagery may be invoked. Your character may be ordered to kill other characters, creatures or animals. We however expressly forbid sexual violence in guild role-play. Do you acknowledge these disclaimers and expectations?
I do.

8. If there is any information about your character you would like to give us out-of-character that you could not put into the in-character application, please put it here. Are there plotlines that your character is involved in that could involve the guild?
There are no current plotlines that my character is involved in. Besides that, no other information comes to mind that should be said about the character that was not already discussed in the in-character section.
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Taidar seems pretty interesting; given his mentioned skills, I imagine he might coordinate well with some of our engineers. For now, he'll be a welcome addition to the infantry!

Approved! Seek out an officer in-game to set up an In Character interview!
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