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Title: Westfall Presence Patrol
Author: Sergeant Vicas Aubron
Date: 13/09/39LC

Sergeant Vicas Aubron, Patrol Commander
Banner Corporal Melanie Witherseed
Private First Class Herbert Gromley
Private Vitalion Stansfield
Private Istin Chandler
Recruit Morgan Mawi
Recruit Samuel Cooper


The Patrol departed from Westbrook garrison, and began to make its way southward towards the town of Moonbrooke. On route to the town, Private Stansfield spotted smoke rising from a barn, in the fallow fields around the Alexton Farmstead. At my discretion, the Patrol was arrayed into a loose battle line formation, and we advanced upon said barn at a slow pace. About half way through the field, Corporal Witherseed was wounded by an unknown marksmen, who had positioned himself at a window on the second story of the barn.

Acting swiftly, I ordered Private Gromley and Recruit Cooper to return fire, while tasking Private Stansfield to assist Corporal Witherseed with her injury. Additionally, I ordered Gromley and Cooper to advance and fire, with Recruit Mawi and myself advancing at speed to engage the enemy. After dealing with the Corporals injury, Stansfield moved up with us.

As we advanced, four additional assailants exited the barn, but were quickly subdued by a mixture of regular fire, that being Private Gromleys musket and Recruit Coopers crossbow, and arcane fire. Corporal Witherseed, having been healed of her prior injury, returned fire with a fireball, resulting in a rather large explosion. With all visible combatants killed or incapacitated, I ordered the patrol to draw up and form a battle line in front of the barn. I offered terms to those within the barn, and they accepted without complaint, exiting the barn unarmed and unmasked.

At this time, I ordered Privates Stansfield and Chandler to begin providing medical aid to the injured assailants, while tasking Private Gromley and Recruit Cooper with the task of stripping the unwounded combatants of any hidden arms, and securing them with rope for escort back to the Garrison.

While on route back to the Garrison, one of the prisoners was able to slip his bonds and attempt an escape, but he was dispatched by Private Stansfield. His body was not worth recovering, nor were the bodies of the other bandits, due to the damage done upon their persons by the force of our response.

- Four bandits were taken captive. One was slain while attempting to escape, and another was maimed during the fighting.
- The maimed captive had his left leg severed below the knee, as a result of the explosive force of Corporal Witherseeds fireball.
- Incidental destruction of private property, which will require reimbursement should the owner of said land inquire as to why his barn was burned down.

Disciplinary Concerns
Recruit Cooper requires additional education, with regards to the proper operation of his crossbow. During the fighting, instead of reloading the weapon properly, the Recruit threw the weapon at one of the assailants. While such would make sense, if he were caught flat footed in an ambush or by an enemy charge, the situation in question did not require him to throw the weapon.
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