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I, Melanie Witherseed hereby commit myself to completing the Mage Gauntlet as so I can rise in my duties as a loyal Wizard to Westridge and the crown.

8/13/39 LC
I spoke with the Master Mage today, confirming that I wish to commit myself to completing the Mage Gauntlet and to choose the first of my trials. I will be going with the Trial of the Mage-Knight first. From what I have been told, I am to best a member of the Brotherhood of the Horse in mounted combat while wearing Adamantite Gloves. Those gloves completely sap my magical energy and prowess, effectively forcing me to fight with my sword.

As of right now, I know that if I took the trial today I would fail, and I would fail horribly. I am to train under one of the Knights within the Brotherhood. The Master Mage himself offered to train me, I would be honored with such, however due to his busy schedule I decided that another member of the Brotherhood would be best so I can make consistent and quick progress.

I believe that I saw one Dame Alison Clement be listed as a member of the Brotherhood of the Horse. I will inquire with her about studying under her so that I can properly defend myself, as slowly start to get into the shape of a proper Spellsword. Later tonight I will be speaking with Dame Clement about the possibility of her taking me under her wing.
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