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I, Melanie Witherseed hereby commit myself to completing the Mage Gauntlet as so I can rise in my duties as a loyal Wizard to Westridge and the crown.

8/13/39 LC
I spoke with the Master Mage today, confirming that I wish to commit myself to completing the Mage Gauntlet and to choose the first of my trials. I will be going with the Trial of the Mage-Knight first. From what I have been told, I am to best a member of the Brotherhood of the Horse in mounted combat while wearing Adamantite Gloves. Those gloves completely sap my magical energy and prowess, effectively forcing me to fight with my sword.

As of right now, I know that if I took the trial today I would fail, and I would fail horribly. I am to train under one of the Knights within the Brotherhood. The Master Mage himself offered to train me, I would be honored with such, however due to his busy schedule I decided that another member of the Brotherhood would be best so I can make consistent and quick progress.

I believe that I saw one Dame Alison Clement be listed as a member of the Brotherhood of the Horse. I will inquire with her about studying under her so that I can properly defend myself, as slowly start to get into the shape of a proper Spellsword. Later tonight I will be speaking with Dame Clement about the possibility of her taking me under her wing.
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9/19/39 LC

It has been a few weeks since I have written within the Journal. I have begun training with the Master Mage for the Trial of the Mage-Knight. He wishes for me to find a member of the Brotherhood of the Horse and train under them until they believe that I am ready to face my trial.

I spoke with Dame Clement about the matter, she would be happy to tutor me. Unfortunately our schedules cannot seem to line up, especially when I am to teach her and Sergeant Potter about the Arcane.

I then spoke with Sir Valrik, he believes that the trial has a much deeper meaning than just to beat a Knight in mounted combat. He believes the Trial is to become a Knight of the Brotherhood itself. The more that I think on the Trials, and the more that I think of what the Cabal will demand of me, the more it makes sense. You must not just be a force of absolute magical destruction, you must be bound by the oaths and the honor of the Brotherhood.

Within the last year, I have learned so much about myself, the world around me, and the magic that I wield. If you were to have told me last year that I was considering becoming a Knight I would have called you a fool and disregarded you completely. I was arrogant, I was a piss poor mage and a piss poor soldier. I thought i was better than everyone because I was given the title of 'Warmage' by the Kirin Tor.

In reality, I barely knew what I was doing, I had no direction in life after leaving the Kirin Tor Offensive, and I had a thirst for vengeance after what the Horde did in Theramore. I joined the Regiment because I had thought it'd be the easy way into the front lines.

I was wrong. I'm so thankful that the Master Mage has shown me what I was. I'm so thankful that he took me under his wing and properly taught me what a mage truly is, let alone a War-Mage.

In the coming months, I hope to fully become a squire of the Brotherhood of the Horse. I know that they can help me become an even better person and a better soldier. It is not up for me to decide though, the Brotherhood will make the decision if I am worthy of becoming a squire. I know that deep within myself that I am ready. I'm ready to learn and grow even more.

I will not fail the Gauntlet, I will not fail the Crown, I will not fail Demetrius.
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#14242038 Nov 04, 2019 at 10:39 PM
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11/4/39 Update

I'm officially going up against Knight-Captain Greystone

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I have attuned myself to the Leylines where in Icecrown. I can feel its power emanating through me. I can also feel residue of the agony, of the despair that soaked into the very land during the Siege of the Citadel. The Star Lily has proven immensely helpful to keep my mind at ease. As I become more attuned, I feel their pain. I also feel their hope, their valor.

The spell starts by placing the Anchor Weed petals in a small cup with hot water. You let it steep for one minute before taking a sip. This allows the Anchor Weed’s spiritual effects take hold, and serves as a binding agent for the soul.

I then began to chew on the Star Lily, helping clear my mind from the spirits that still haunt this place, and any mental distractions that would separate me from my work.

I then immediately began to draw a circle around myself and drawing a Rune of Frost in front of me. I then began to speak the incantation. ‘Spirits of the Frozen Wastes, take my form and make it yours. Let your fury be unleashed upon those who would do you harm.’ It is important that this incantation be in High Thalassian. As the incantation was completed, the air practically turned to ice, and my whole form turned a soft blue. I could feel the spirits coming to my call. I dipped a finger into the ice-resistant ink and painted a small rune of frost on my body, allowing the form to fully take. As I continued to channel the power, my strength began to fade, I reached forward and grabbed the Mana Citrine, and absorbed its power. As well as taking the Superior Mana Potion. With my strength renewed, my vision turned to white for a moment before coming back. I felt as if I was floating. My arms were completely white and I moved through the air with nothing but a thought. I look back and saw the ritual circle and underneath a massive pulsing wave of Frost underneath. I continued to glide through the air and moved towards my tent where I had been sleeping. I had set up a few training dummies and extended a hand forward. My hand passed through the training dummy. I was fully Incorporeal. I then unleashed a flurry of Ice Shards towards the target dummy. They shattered the wood easily. I raised my hands up and summoned two large Orbs of Frost and sending them forward. They lasted for 10 seconds before dissipating.

I continued my testing and found that I could summon a large Blizzard as well. However, I could not even attempt to cast any other kinds of Evocation Spells. It seems that this form is very limiting. However, incredibly useful.

After around 90 seconds I could feel the power draining and the aid of the spirits with it. I floated to the ground and in what best I could describe as re-materialize. My mind and my body is exhausted from the spell, however such devastation it could cause on a battlefield would be immense.

I submit this report, along with the list of Spell Components to the Master Mage for review.

-- Spell Components --

Perfect Frozen Orb: These are extremely rare and contain the power of the Frozen Wastes like nothing I’ve seen. Just being around it makes you feel like you can conjure powerful spells of Frost Magic. I will be using it as a conduit for my magical essence.

Star Lily: The Chemical and Magical properties within Star Lily are few, however potent. Once you begin to ingest the Lily by either the pedals or by tea. Your mind will begin to go blank, giving you a completely clear state of mind. You will not be able to think of anything besides the task at hand. This is critical. Any distractions would prove near fatal to the caster.

Conjured Mana Citrine: Mana Citrines are one of the dependable resources of Mana in the world aside from potions. They are conjured by the Mage, typically when they first wake up. They store an immense amount of Mana and can be tapped into during Ritual Castings such as this for an extra boost to the spell caster.

Superior Mana Potion: As with the Mana Citrine, it is used to allow the spell caster to regain their concentration, and their magical vitality within the Ritual. A Superior Mana Potion is one of the most expensive Sarceline has to offer. However, with this spell... It’s well worth it.

Anchor Weed: This is oddly surprising, the dangerous nature of the spell requires considerably amount of caution. It is said that Anchor Weed can bind a spirit to a location through Arcane Magic. I will be using it to bind myself so that should anything go wrong with the spell, I will be able to come back to the material plane and survive.
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Investiture of Fire

After a full day of attunement, and a rest within my camp for the night I was ready to begin the ritual. I can feel the Rage of Fire within me as I stand atop of the Leyline. When you close your eyes you can almost see the Firelands, and feel what the immense heat would be like on your skin.

However, I prepared a Cinderbloom, this prepares the body for the incantation and helps ward against any burns that the person who drinks it may recieve. I begun with the Lucifrium, opening the lead box that contained it and picked it up carefully. I walked into the center of the circle and began the incantation.

‘Spirits of Fire, Spirits of Rage, We know this pain, and we will share it with the world. Make my form yours, and we will be your conduit of Destruction.’ ((It is important to note that this is in High Thalassian.))

Once the incantation has been spoken, the Lucifrium will begin to radiate an immense heat. You will want to back away but you cannot. You must focus your energy onto a single point within your body. The Spirits of Fire and Rage will begin to swirl around you and make your form theirs. You will look like you are completely on fire, but you will be fully incorporeal. You will look like a spirit of fire, and be free from the corporeal plane. You must then draw the Rune of Fire onto your body and clothes with the Heat-Resistant Ink, this will ward your form from being burned. Within this form, you will be able to summon storms of fire that are around twenty-feet wide and last for 15 seconds, raining fire down onto your enemies. Interestingly, this does not damage wildlife / plant life.

As well, in this form you are able to summon two large ‘jets’ of flames from your hands. Any spells of Evocation that use fire will as well be empowered. However, you cannot cast any spells that use Ice, or Water for obvious reasons.

This form only lasts for 90 seconds as with the Investiture of Ice. I as well noticed there were no damages to my skin or clothing, as the Ward had worked perfectly.

I submit this spell to the Master Mage for review, as well as a list of my spell-components.

Spell Components:

Lucifrium (1), Conjured Mana Citrine (1), Superior Mana Potion (1). Cinderbloom Tea (1)


This Conjured Gem will burn anything it goes near. It was famously used by the Archmage Khadgar during the battle for the Dark Portal in Draenor. However, the uses of Lucifrium has been known for years. This will serve as the conduit for the Fire Elementals to Empower me and for me to take my Elemental Form.

Conjured Mana Citrine:

This will be used to regain any lost vitality or mana that I lose during the spellcasting.

Superior Mana Potion:

This will be used to regain any lost vitality or mana that I lose during the spellcasting.

Cinderbloom Tea:

This tea was used to help my body prepare for the incantation and ward off against any burns that I may receive during the spell.
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I’ve attuned myself to the Ley Pattern of Warding now. I can see the pattern and trace it fluidly. It’s rather beautiful, it weaves around a point in almost thousands of ways. It’s truly a sight to behold. I focused on the Pattern of Warding and began my preparations for the spell.

Nullification Barrier
Abjuration, 1 Minute

Requires one small shard of Obsidian.

The caster will weave the Ley Pattern around themselves, drawing upon the power of the Ley Lines while holding the Shard of Obsidian. Focusing on themselves or a target within 5 feet of them, the Mage will speak the incantation in High Thalassian ‘We are the defenders of the Weak, We are the First to put out the flames of war, We are the ones who defend those who cannot defend themselves. The Ley Lines shall be our protectors, so that no harm may come to us while we defend the innocent.’

A golden lumen scent barrier will then form around the caster or the target. This causes almost all magic to be completely nullified as it enters the barrier. As well, as any physical blows are bounced off like a traditional magical barrier. However, this also allows the caster to conjure magic without the same penalty.

The Shard of Obsidian will be consumed by the spell while casting. As well, you only need to have minor concentration on the spell to keep the Barrier Active. Thus allowing you to cast your own Magics with it active. However, after 1 minute the barrier will fade and you will need to re-cast the spell.

Spell Componenets

Shard of Obsidian: Obsidian is widely known for its Anti-Magical properties, draining the mana from anyone who wields it, such as the gloves within the Trial of the Mage-Knight.
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#14279057 Jan 02, 2020 at 07:56 PM
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Mass Nullification Barrier

As I had spoken with the Master Mage, it seems I must rethink the potency of the Nullification Barrier. After further thought, I agree with him. Here is my proposed change for the spell.

New Spell Components:
Prismatic Crystal: This Crystal will allow the casters to reflect the spell onto their allies.
Arcane Spellstone: This Spellstone allows the caster to replenish their mana, as well as increases the potency of the spell.

The incantation remains the same from before and as the caster draws the rune around them, a minor barrier will form around them, this protects them form any interference from an outside source however is incredibly vulnerable to attacks. Once the incantation is complete, each of the spellcasters (or just one if the Magi is casting it) will extend their hands towards the allies they wish to protect with the barrier. A golden blue shimmering barrier will appear over 10-20 allies, each of them being protected from Magical and Physical blows. However, these barriers will dissipate after 1 minute before needing to be cast again. This works in conjunction best against Fireballs or hails of arrows.
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I have attuned myself to the Leyline here in Stormwind, the Ley Pattern is as fascinating as any others. The pattern weaves around everything it touches and focusing on it feels like you are almost weightless. With my time already in the Stormwind Area for the last two years, this was by far the easiest Leyline to attune to. I have selected the spell that I will cast tonight, The Investiture of Wind

Investiture of Wind
Evocation, 1 Minute
V/S/M (Wind Stone, Elementium Shard, Aethril (x2), Superior Mana Potion)

The caster will begin with placing the Wind Stone within the center of a large circle. They will then place the Elementium Shard in their dominant hand, holding it close to their chest. The caster will then place six petals of Aethril around the Wind Stone. Then the incantation will begin in High Thalassian ‘Spirits of the Air, Spirits of the North, South, East, and West Wind. Let the Winds of Change flow through me as they do in the Throne. Allow us to be the instrument of your Wrath.’ Once the incantation is complete, the spellcaster will begin to emanate Arcane Magic. The Aethril will begin to glow and dissolve, the essence left behind gives off a fleeting sweet smell. The essence as well will give the caster peace of mind.

The Winds will begin to pick up all around the caster and it will begin to feel like you are unable to breathe. Hold the Wind Stone tightly to your chest, you then need to drink the Superior Mana Potion to keep your stamina up. If you falter here, the spell will be completely broken.

As the wind howls around the spellcaster, they must draw the Ley Pattern in front of them, once completed they will extend their free hand outwards to the side as the Elements of Air take their form.

The Spellcaster will then feel weightless, and suddenly breathing isn’t a concern for them. They are able to float up to 10 feet off of the earth and their entire form is made of a vortex of wind and cloud. As the spell completes, the caster must work quickly. They will be able to cast spells of raw Arcane Magic with ease.

Within this form, the spellcaster is able to create small bursts of wind that can cut through bark and thin metal armor. As well, they can create a vortex by stretching their hand out to unleash a focused blast. This will cause people and most heavy things to be completely blown down and away. As well, behind the spellcaster there will be an up flow of wind, sucking in air and dirt, moving towards the spellcaster will increase your speed, however breathing becomes incredibly difficult within 5 feet of the caster. As well, ranged attacks against the spellcaster are more likely to miss, as the air warps around the caster, projectiles are batted away with ease.


Returning to your normal form is another experience. The air becomes still around you, and you fall to the earth (if levitating), you will as well have a hard time hearing as your ears become adjusted. However, you will be winded for a few moments as your body readjusts to this form. However, there are no other side effects of this spell.

Spell Components:

Wind Stone: Wind Stones are naturally found on Pandaria and can summon spirits of Air to a location. This is used as the conduit for the spell.

Elementium Shard: Elementium Shards are known to hold massive amounts of Elemental Magic, using this allows the caster to use the Shard in case of a Magical Overflow, however this is generally unneeded.

Aethril: Stores and Conducts Arcane Magic, allowing the caster to achieve even more potent spells.

Superior Mana Potion: Allows the caster to replenish their mana during the spellcasting (Vital).
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I’ve arrived at the Lunar Crucible. I encountered some resistance from the Shal’dorei, however they were unusually persuaded. The massive Mana Gems that break the very land are fascinating. If you look into one for too long you can find yourself lost within its beauty.

However, onto to the spell.

Mass Mirror Image and Invisibility
Illusion, V/S/M

Components: Illusion Dust, Mana Crystal, Spiritjewl

The spell begins with drawing a circle around yourself with Illusion Dust. However, just having the Illusion dust on hand will suffice, though will create a lesser version of the spell. Once that is complete, they will hold the Spiritjewl as in their hand. Their arm will be outstretched and they will speak the incantation in High Thalassian. “How can you defeat us, if you cannot even trust your eyes?”

Once the incantation has been completed, everyone within 40 yards of the incantation will turn invisible for upwards of 15 seconds. As well, a mirror image of themselves will take their place. The mage must keep concentration on the spell to keep the mirror images from vanishing, as well as keep the invisibility spell active.

While the Mage is concentrating, they may use the Mana Crystal to amplify the spell, and allow them to regenerate some of their mana to keep their concentration. The amplification of the spell will allow anyone within 15 yards of the caster to cast spells without being revealed by the spell (as per a normal invisibility spell).

Spell Components Explained:

Illusion Dust: While mostly used for enchanting, Illusion dust can be used as an amplifier for Illusion based spells. The circle on the ground will serve as a grounding for the spell in case it gets interrupted at all.

Mana Crystal: Serves as a way to amplify and replenish the mage’s mana reserves.

Spiritjewl: Found typically within Suramar, these are used to cast grand illusions, as well as are known to create images of the caster.

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#14296242 Jan 26, 2020 at 08:10 PM
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Tuesday, January 21st, 40 LC.
Day 1:

I’ve left Westbrook Garrison for Booty Bay. I have a contact within Booty Bay that will teleport myself and Rain to Ratchet, Northern Barrens. Riding through Duskwood and Stranglethorn was as eerie as ever. The thoughts of the most recent Hozen Incursion came to me, seeing Cooper and Greycliff get shot down. Burning the forests, war is hell. And I will be its Master.

Wednesday, January 22nd, 40 LC
Day 2:

I arrived in the Barrens yesterday. Bloody hell, it’s hot here.
Myself and Rain made our way on the roads. Fortunately, my old Kirin Tor robes seemed to have dissuaded any piercing questions about my belonging here. The Orcs and Tauren seem to want to keep to themselves. Perhaps the whole deal with whatever the fuck the Horde are doing is keeping them occupied for now.
I still can’t let my guard down; any of them could turn on me and try to kill me or Rain. Either way, we made it to Honor’s Stand without much issue. We’ll be resting here for the night and then making our way into Stonetalon. Tonight I’ll be inscribing a Portal Rune here, with the Commander’s permission to allow me a way back here for the other Ley Lines that are under the earth.

Thursday, January 23rd, 40 LC
Day 3:

I’ve made my way into Stonetalon. The Northwatch Expedition Camp’s fortifications still hold strong, even after the Fourth War. However, as we made our way on the path, I managed to sneak by a Tauren and Orc. They were in rather deep conversation about something, and I’d rather not know what they were talking about. However, myself and Rain managed to make it past the Sun Rock Retreat, a Horde fortification within the Mountains.

We made it past the Retreat, and ourselves to the Farwatcher’s Glen, a Worgen/Alliance settlement. There are several fonts of power here in Stonetalon that I can attune to. However, for now, I will be focusing on Maraudon.

Friday, January 24th, 40 LC
Day 4:

I’ve arrived in Nijel’s Point, Desolace. I’ll be staying here for the night, we made it through Stonetalon Mountains without much issue. A few Orcs questioned our true loyalties, and one outright attacked. But, that was something a simple Polymorph couldn’t fix. Better to not leave a trail of blood where I go than to be caught by all of the other Horde in the area. Desolace is one of the most barren places I’ve seen, it’s far worse than Westfall or Vol’dun. At least in Westfall there’s hope of crops growing without magical assistance.
The Cenarion Circle has been vigilant in trying to rejuvenate the area, but it’ll take hundreds, if not thousands of years to return Desolace back to whatever was ‘normal’ here before. Either way, I make my way to the Cenarion Wildlands tomorrow, leave Rain there and make my way to an old Alliance Encampment to the far south. It was held by Dwarves at one point, called ‘Thargad’s Camp’. I’ll rest there for the night and then the day after that I’ll delve deep into Maraudon. Hopefully I’ll be able to channel the Leylines and create my last Investiture. The Investiture of Earth.

Saturday, January 25th, 40 LC
Day 5:

Myself and Rain made it to Wildlands before mid-day. I’d say that’s a record for the both of us. I’ve left Rain here with the Druids, I know that they’ll take good care of him while I’m in Maraudon. Of course they tried to warn me about the rampaging Centaurs. However, I believe that I can take care of any half human half horse creatures. They are notably… less intelligent than most other races. Smoke and Mirrors should be able to deter them. However, I will not underestimate them, after all this is their home and they’ll likely be able to detect even an unseen intruder.

I made it to the old Alliance Camp just past Sundown. I’ll rest here for the night and tomorrow morning I make my way into Maraudon.

Sunday, January 26th, 40 LC
Day 6:

On the outskirts of Maraudon is a large encampment of Centaurs. I’d guess around 50-70. Inside, I can only imagine. Hundreds perhaps? As I approached I cast one of the most useful Illusion abilities on this plane, Invisibility.

I made my way to the massive stone doors of Maraudon, I couldn’t get in without dropping the Illusion for a moment. So, instead of risking them catching me opening it. I moved my way to the edge of the camp. I pulled out a small piece of Bat Guano and set it down. Whispering the incantation I moved as far away as I could. I had 90 seconds before a massive Fireball would erupt at the edge. That would cause all of the Centaurs to go on High Alert and draw those from the inside out. I moved my way back to the stone entrance and crouched low. I recast the Invisibility Incantation and a few seconds later the Fireball erupted. The Stone Doors opened a few seconds after as the Centaurs began to charge out and the camp was now in chaos.

I managed to slip by the Centaurs undetected. I was now within Maraudon. I made my way down the stairs, the Centaurs rushed by me as they were clueless to my presence. They were focused on the threat on the outside.

I made my way deeper in, the beautiful purple and red crystals. I even saw some Shadowshard on the ground, however I couldn’t risk being uncovered. Not while the Centaurs rampage and try and figure out what caused the explosion. I made my way further in, my Invisibility Spell held strong. I eventually found what looked to be a small alar of sorts. It had a chalice at each corner that was almost overflowing with Water. I assume this is Holy Water of sorts. However, looking further at the altar, it’s far too low to the ground to be of any use to the Centaurs.

I waited for a few minutes for the Centaurs to pass, I heard their hooves clanking, but it was getting quieter. I set up a small Alarm Spell behind me so that if any of them did detect me, I’d know immediately.

I began to examine the altar closely, with the whisper of an Incantation, I discovered that it wasn’t really an alatar. It was a teleportation Rune. A massive rune that could be empowered to take me deeper into Maraudon.

The alarm spell triggered as I was about to empower it. Three Centaurs had found me, one of them immediately turned around, I assume to alert the others while the other two Charged at me with spears. I conjured a barrier around myself and unleashed a hellish incantation. A storm of Fireballs came from my hands and they landed right on their marks. Dead in the center of their humanoid chest. They fell over and tried to get up, but I quickly conjured two bolts of Frost that pierced into their horse-like bodies that’d keep them down for good. I moved back to the teleportation rune and began to mutter the incantation. I could feel the pull of Arcane Magic coming from my core and going into the Rune. The fine details of the Runestone began to glow, if this were another situation I’d have taken it back to Sarceline to examine it fully. However, the sounds of at least a dozen or more horses galloping were getting louder and louder.

I concentrated on the Rune and spoke the final words of the incantation. The challice’s began to overflow with the Water and the entire room almost became damp. I looked up and saw at least half a dozen more Centaurs about to descend upon me. However, the Incantation was complete. I was suddenly teleported away from the Centaurs and out of that room… To a massive waterfall. I stood on the top of the waterfall looking down. I could see a massive Hydra down below, and around me, life bloomed like I’ve never seen before.

I could feel the power of the earth pull me down the Waterfall and deeper into the cave network. I leapt off of the Waterfall and cast the second most useful Transmutation spell, Slowfall. I floated down elegantly and landed in the water. I swam to the shore, however the Hydra clearly saw me as its new meal and was already charging towards me. It had three heads, and it was almost pure white in color.

I stood up and focused my energies into a single point. It’d only take a few seconds for the Hydra to reach me, and even shorter for it to kill and devour me. As I focused on the point the earth beneath me began to shake. I opened my eyes and let loose the next incantation. A massive burst of Arcane Magic came from the palm of my head. I aimed it right at the center mass of the beast. The beam ruptured the skin and pierced right through the Hydra. It wailed in pain, I took a few steps back and channeled another beam into it. This one struck true and destroyed the Hydra’s heart, causing it to slump onto the ground before giving another cry of pain before going silent. I took a few breaths, exhausted, I looked around and fortunately there was nothing else really looking to eat me for dinner. I reached into my bag and pulled out one of my Mana potions and drank it. Fortunately I always carry multiple Mana Potions just in case something happens.

I made my way further into the caverns and casted an Invisibility spell on myself again. The natural growth in the Caverns is incredible. Massive plants that stick out of the ground and even pathways that lead up and away. I managed to follow one up towards the precipice of a cliff and looked down.

I sat down and took a moment to rest. I could only rest for a few moments before the earth beneath my feet began to shake. I looked around and this massive stone giant was moving directly towards me, though it didn’t seem threatening. Still, I needed to keep my guard up.

I stood up and just looked at the Giant coming towards me. He could easily stomp me under foot like I was a bug, it’s only a nerve-wracking experience. The giant spoke, “Why did you come here, little one?” It’s voice booming and I swear it’s probably damaged my hearing. We had a small conversation about why I was here. I wanted to become the embodiment and the outlet for the elements within my craft. The Giant told me to follow him deeper into Maraudon. I followed him(?) and we went up to a small cliffside. He told me to prove myself. I needed to prove to him that I was worthy of the Earth Elementals Powers. Of course, this wouldn’t be easy.

I spoke to him(?) about my deeds, my time with the Alliance and how that I’ve gained the trust and the blessings of the other Elements. Fire, Water, Air. I also told him that I needed this knowledge in order to better protect those who I loved and those who I cared about. To help make sure that the power of the elements, and the elementals themselves are not abused in the powers of a Mage, or Dark Shaman.

He thought long, I’d guess it was at least an hour. Just sitting in silence. I at least got to recuperate my energy and let my muscles rest for a moment.

After a while he grabbed a few small shards and crushed them with his hand. I could sense Earth Magic flowing all around him and into his hand. He created this ring at the top it had a black stone and golden band. He spoke to me, “Should the power of the Earthen Elements be on your side. You must promise to never use our powers to harm those who would do you no harm. Wear this ring, and call my kin in our tongue.” The Giant looked over to what looked to be a massive vein of Shadowshard. “Use that to make the spell work.” He said and scraped the Shadowshard off of the rock surface, what looked to be a dozen large Shadowshard shards fell off.

I grabbed at least five before the Giant held out the massive ring to me. I took it and placed it on my finger. I could feel the Earth Elemental’s Fury, it’s patience soaring through me. I nodded up to the Giant and said my thanks. The Giant headed off and left me to my decises. I then focused on the Ley Line Energies that surged underneath Maraudon. I took off the ring and could feel its power begin to course through me. Of course, the Ley Lines were always there. I could feel my muscles easing, my entire form taking in as much Mana as I could as I attuned to the Leyline. It only took me about an hour to properly attune to the Leyline, due to how far underground I was. I looked up and had to guess at least 100-200 feet. I could see the sky and vegetation above. I haven’t seen much vegetation other than the Cenarion Wildlands, so that is a curiosity.

However, as I attuned I began to cast the spell.

Investiture of Stone: (V/S/M)
Evocation / Transmutation
Components: Shadowshard, Blackstone Ring, Superior Mana Potion, Cloudstone Dust

As the caster begins to focus on the spell, they must put on the Blackstone Ring. This will allow them to attune to the Earthen Elementals which they draw power from. They will place the Shadowshard in front of them and create a circle of Cloudstone Dust around them. They will then begin the incantation in Kalimag. Note that this Incantation can be improved, as the caster’s Kalimag is very rough. “Spirits of the Earth, Spirits of Stone, of the Mountain. I call onto your aid, and beseech your Power once more. I shall become a Conduit for your rage. I will also become the Mountain that becomes impossible for our enemies to break. Now, we become one.”

Once the Incantation is spoken, the casters skin will turn rock hard. It will almost be like stone with how tough it is. Weapons will have almost no effect on the caster unless it is a massive weapon such as a Warhammer. The caster as well will begin to shake the earth underneath their feet in a 20 yard radius, making it incredibly hard to stand on for allies and enemies alike.

The caster as well will be able to summon massive walls of stone up to 10 feet high, as well as summoning massive shards of stone to pepper the enemy’s defenses.

This spell will last for 90 seconds and once the spell is complete their form will return to normal. Any damages sustained while within this form will be undone. However, if you sustain enough damage, the spell can break before the duration expires.


After I had cast the spell, and returned to normal I felt tired, but not exhausted. Perhaps all of this attunement is allowing me to cast even greater spells without being as tired? I’ll be just over half way finished with this final entry. I feel more alive than I’ve ever been.

I drew a teleportation circle underneath me, I looked up and took out a Portal Runestone. Destination: Sarceline Tower.

I submit this entry to the Master Mage for Review.
Lieutenant Melanie Witherseed
Wizard of Sarceline
#14298506 Jan 30, 2020 at 04:04 PM
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Next Destination: Dalaran Crater, Hillsbrad Foothills

I managed to obtain a more recently updated Portal Rune for Dalaran Crater. Unfortunately for some adventurers and Magi, the old Portals to Dalaran Crater were to the Spire... Over a hundred feet above the ground. Fortunately, with the updated Runestone this takes you to just the outside of the crater.

Being at the crater itself is a unique Experience, to be honest. I faintly remember coming here when I was little when Dalaran was being reconstructed. I learned most of what I know there. Now, to be back to learn even more... It’s a nice feeling of things coming full circle.

As I made my way down into the crater, the Arcane Remnants, aberrations of Raw Arcane Magic still haunt the area. My Magical aura seemed to have attracted them. However, a simple burst of Arcane Magic seems to keep them at bay.

As I moved further in, I could feel the Ley Lines Power underneath. As I reached the bottom, it was almost a feeling of euphoria. As if you were floating, that you were weightless. I settled at the ‘base’ of the crater. I created a ward around myself, stretching around five feet across. I sat there, controlled breathing and I began my atonement.

I could feel the power of the Ley Line surging through me. The barrier became trivial to hold, I barely needed concentration on it. I slowly stood up and reached into my pocket, pulling out a Fractured Prismatic Gemstone. I tossed it into the air and began to speak the incantation.

Prismatic Burst (V/S/M):
Materials: Fractured Prismatic Gemstone

The caster must be holding a Fractured Prismatic Gemstone within their hand as they begin the incantation. They will conjure Arcane Energy from the Leylines and let it flow through them. The raw Arcane magic will flow into the Gemstone and split out into seven beams of Magic in a Rainblow like arc.

The blast of Arcane magic will deal immense damage to anyone who is caught within its rays. Each arch of color represents a different damaging effect of the Burst. Red, Fire Damage. Orange, Acidic Damage. Yellow, Lightning Damage. Green, Poison Damage. Blue, Frost Damage. Indigo, Petrification. Violet, Banishment. There is as well, a small chance that the target is hit with multiple rays. It is doubtful that anyone without proper magical protection could survive.

The ray itself comes from the spellcasters hand, and travels up to 60ft in a cone.

Once the spell is cast, the Mage is free to continue their onslaught. However, it is crucial that the mage must be careful in where they cast it.

Lieutenant Melanie Witherseed
Wizard of Sarceline
#14303250 Feb 06, 2020 at 05:10 PM
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This presents a unique opportunity for me. The Ley Line under the Badlands is one of power. It is incredibly potent, and I find myself in moments of silence listening to the faint hum of the Leylines underneath. It’s hard to describe. After my attunement I can close my eyes and almost see better, I can feel the world around me. Every blade of grass, the Elements beneath our feet. The massive scorpions, the hyenas, the Dwarves, the Regiment. I can see them, I can feel their natural Mana within. Nevertheless, I go on to my next spell to prove my attunement.

Control Weather: (V/S/M)
Components: Burning Incense, bits of earth and wood mixed in water. Superior Mana Potion.

The mage takes control of the weather within 10 miles of them for the duration. The mage must be out doors where it takes place. The incantation is spoken in High Thalassian “Spirits of the Storm, Spirits of the Wind, Spirits of the Rain. Heed my call. We shall bring our enemies to heel; to make this place our own for a moment.” Once the incantation is complete the Mage will erupt in a blueish gold fire, as the Arcane energies ripple over their body. They will move their hands up to the sky and a beam of Magic will shoot upwards. As the spell is cast, the Mage has control over the elements the Weather. However, it will be unchanging for the duration. The Duration is anywhere between 10 and 50 minutes. However, I have been able to guarantee at least 30 minutes with proper Mana Potions.

This spell is will become incredibly useful for combat over a large area. Taking control of the weather not only provides us with a tactical advantage, but the element of surprise. Sustained use of this spell could be dangerous for the eco-system, as well as local wildlife. However, if this spell is used wisely, it can turn the tide of a battle easily.

Spell Components:


Burning Incense, bits of earth and wood mixed in water. This represents the spirits of Earth, Storm, Air, and Fire. This serves as the main conduit of power for the spell, allowing it to work.

Superior Mana Potion: This allows the spellcaster to hold the spell for longer.
Lieutenant Melanie Witherseed
Wizard of Sarceline
#14312881 Feb 20, 2020 at 04:10 PM
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9/10 Leylines attuned to.

The Leyline here in Darkshore is in remarkably good shape considering the hell that has been this land for the last few years.

As I attuned to the Leyline, I could feel the pain of the land, the devastation that the Horde had caused and the Plague that continued to ravage the lands. I donned the Plague-Resistant Mask and made my way to the Ruins of Auberdine. The Plague had mostly been dealt with by the Kaldorei, however there were a few pockets of Plague-Canisters that had yet to be dealt with. I made my way to what was the Inn. Four Plague-Canisters were in the far back, you could see the horrid aura that it gave off. I moved forward and began the incantation.

Purify Plague - Transmutation
V, S, M

The spell begins with Heartwood. Even in its ground up state it will repel Plague. This will help protect the caster from the Plague even while they’re wearing the Plague-Resistant Mask. The caster will draw a Circle around them in the dust of the Heartwood. The caster must make circles with their hands just like they are attempting to cast a Firebolt. They will speak the incantation in High Thalassian.

“As those who Rot and Wither, we shall bloom. The might of the Arcane shall cleanse this corruption, and any who would use its corruption.”

The spell will then take focus and a large blast of Frost Magic will come from the spellcaster, freezing the Plague in place. Another burst of Arcane Magic will soon follow, transmuting the Plague into water. The Water will still be contaminated, however it should be treated as waste-water. Not to be touched without proper protection. However, from this point a simple Purify Water spell will be able to completely cleanse the Water and have it be drinkable.

This spell would not only help combat the Plague as a weapon, but will help heal the wounds caused by the Horde and Scourge. Over time, perhaps the land can return to some normalcy.

Spell Components: Heartwood / Crystalline Heartwood
This wood has been known for its plague, rot, and disease resistance. It as well conducts Arcane Magic excellently. I would highly recommend more research into it.

Lieutenant Melanie Witherseed
Wizard of Sarceline
#14315109 Feb 23, 2020 at 10:40 PM · Edited over 1 year ago
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After the cancellation of the Supply Run to Westfall today I found myself with my packed bags and my scrolls. I’m going to the Timeless Isle today. I made my way up to the Mage Tower where they have a portal to Paw’don Village, an old Alliance base of operations and Pandaren Village. You can still see the Mogu architecture that dominates the landscape. However; I can’t stay there for long. I purchased a Pandaren Flying Kite to the Timeless Isle. Riding it was one of the most unique things I’ve ever done. Flying with the wind in your hair, barely a care in the world. It was amazing. After about an hour and a half of flying I finally landed on the Timeless Isle.

The natural arcana of the land seeps out like blood from a wound. Azerite hasn’t been seen on the Isle, likely due to the nature of the Isle. I made contact with the local Tushui and they advised to stay near the camp. However, I was free to roam, the wildlife was fierce.

I decided to rest in the Tushui landing for the night, tomorrow I’ll go deeper into the Isle.

2/24/40 LC

I woke up at what I assumed to be early, early morning and made my way further into the Isle and the Wildlife is fierce. I drank a potion of concealment to hide my movements. Massive snakes, panthers, cranes, yak’s, and hozen. Why’d it have to be hozen. I made my way to Old Pi’jiu a Pandaren village that was abandoned thousands of years ago. The feeling of uneasiness is by far the most prominent thing about the area. If you wait patiently, you can catch a glimpse at one of the old spirits still haunting the area. I was tempted to release the spirit from its bonds here, however due to the nature of the Isle it would be unwise to do so.

I went back to the Tushui Landing hours later and ate dinner. A nice meal of Yak and Noodles. I love the noodles.

2/26/40 LC

I took a ‘day’ to rest. I was supposed to Stormwind today, however it seems like that flow of time on the Isle is almost... Super Charged. By our clocks only 6 hours have passed on the rest of Azeroth. I might be able to stay here for quite a while... After that fucking campaign in Uldum, I really need a break. Watching the eternal sunset with some noodles has been honestly one of the most relaxing things I’ve done in my life. I could stay here forever. But I know I can’t, I have a responsibility to hold in the Regiment, and in my life. I’ll depart for the Firewalker Ruins tomorrow and see what shape the Leylines are in.

2/27/40 LC

The Leylines here are in good condition, though a bit strained. That should be expected considering the Isle is a mass of Chronomancy. The Firewalker Ruins have been picked clean by archaeologists and looters. There isn’t really anything here. However, the Blazing Way as they called it still is incredibly dangerous with those who served Ordos back during the Pandaria Campaign. Though, it is a wonder how they are faring after all of these years... It must’ve been a millennia since then.

2/28/40 LC

I made my way to the old Celestial Court, there it was unsurprisingly empty, aside from the odd food cart and denizen. It’s really fallen into disrepair, it’s become overgrown and full of wildlife. Though, I would suppose that is for the best, considering. In my research I’ve been able to slow time almost to a crawl for a few seconds before returning it to normal. I’ve been able to move freely within the few seconds. However, this is exhausting work and I need constant rest to continue the research.

2/29/40 LC

After a long night of resting, I’ve recovered my strength. I was able to try the Harmonious River Noodles today and honestly it’s really, really good. They’re cool but they calm your mind like nothing else. If only there was a way to get the recipe, it’d be an excellent source of food for the Circle for the mind. However, as I laid in my cot, I felt an odd pull towards the Three-Breeze Terrace. I’ll investigate that tomorrow after I’ve continued to train with Time slowing spells.

3/1/40 LC

I made my way over to the Terrace, making sure to get some of those noodles before heading up there. The Leyline energy there is incredibly potent. You can feel its raw power pulsating from underneath. This is where I will produce the spell. I began to attune to the Ley Line here, now that I have a solid ‘anchor’ point for the Leyline. It took me what felt like hours to finally attune to it. I could feel the Chronomantic(?) power from the Leyline, though I still do not fully understand it. I can weave the powers fluidly and almost effortlessly. I began to train with the Time-slowing spell.

On my first night of trying I managed to slow down time around 50 percent while moving freely for 6 seconds. I was able to do this two times in a row.

3/2/40 LC

Today I’ve made great progress on the spell, while maintaining a 50 percent slow down of time, I’ve been able to move freely for up to 12 seconds. As well as being able to cast it twice in a row. I need to keep pushing myself further, this won’t do as a simple spell. This needs to be my magnum opus.

3/3/40 LC

I’ve continued my research on the spell, I’ve managed to obtain a Sunset stone, and the spell has been amplified tenfold. With the Sunset stone, I’m able to completely freeze time up to 99% reduction for 12 seconds. However, I’m only able to do this once per day. It’s so mentally exhausting and taxing that I just need to rest afterwards. I’m able to cast other spells, however nothing quite like that ‘power’.

3/5/40 LC

I’ve taken a day to rest, sitting eating the noodles and yak meat. It’s getting tiring. By my calculations, only 18 hours have passed since I’ve left for the Isle. I fear that it isn’t true. I’ve been gone for over a week now by the Isle’s time. I’ve continued my research on the spell, I’ve managed to be able to halt the flow of the timestream completely. empowering the Sunset stone with a focused burst of Arcane Magic.

This allows me to completely stop time for upwards of 18 seconds. I am able to freely move and summon incantations. Conjuring simple barriers while time has been stopped is relatively easy. However, once the 18 seconds is up, time will flow as normal.

I must continue my research, I feel like I’m hitting a wall here. I need to do more research.

3/15/40 LC

It’s been 10 days since I’ve last written in my journal. I’ve made quite a lot of progress with this spell. I am able to completely stop time for upward of 30 seconds. However, I’m unable to cast spells for the duration. I’m looking to be able to fully cast spells and move as if time is normal. This duration will suffice, I just need a slight bit more power.

3/24/40 LC
I’ve done it.

10/10 Ley-Lines Attuned.

The Incantation and framework of the spell has been heavily modified. I am able to fully stop time and cast a large variety of spells within 30 seconds. I’m able to move freely as well. However, spells that negatively effect others seem to end this effect early. That can be worked around.

Here is the spell:

Time Stop:
Transmutation; Chronomancy
Components: Timewarmed Sand, Sunstone, Major Mana Potion.

The spellcaster will begin by inscribing a circle around them with the Timewarmed Sand. It will shimmer slightly as the Leylines begin to prepare for the spell. The Mage will then pull out and hold the Sunstone outwards and speak the incantation. “Time ebbs and flows. A ripple will create a wave. And through time, we will save this world.” The mage will then emit a large burst of an almost golden colour magic. The caster will have 24 to 30 seconds to begin their work. Any harmful effects on other creatures or items on their person will break the spell.

However, if the spellcaster is prominent enough, they are able to bypass this. As time flows once more all of the spells will impact the target at once, dealing immense damage.

With this entry, I have completed all ten attunements to the Ley Lines across Azeroth, I submit this final entry for review to the Master Mage.
Lieutenant Melanie Witherseed
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#14358894 May 17, 2020 at 02:07 AM · Edited 1 year ago
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Through the Cabal I've managed to obtain a large shard of Azerite. The power eminating from this stone is almost enthralling. The closet that comes to it is the Draconic Empowerment that courses through my veins.

Though Azerite is one of the most volatile and dangerous thing on the planet right now, I believe I can harness a small portion of its power and focus it into beam. Supported by the Draconic Magic and Ancient runes that cover my body, I should be able to focus it with enough time and dedication.


Day 01: Initial Research

My initial research has been very fruitful, fortunately due to the permissions that I am granted within Sarceline, I have access to all of our research on Azerite, and how to use it. Though, 'using' the Azerite is not the proper way to put it... More, how to handle it without destroying yourself and everything around you. I'll need to improve and work upon the incantations, semantics, and any potential additional reagents that may be required to channel this burst.


Day 02: Continuing Research

I've heard of Tidesages in Boralus and Magi being able to channel a small amount of power from Azerite. However, draining power from the very essence of the wounds. What I do is not too different from them. From the reports that I've been reading, their spellwork is rather lackluster, and drained have been driven to madness from such power. That is understandable, this power that comes from the Earth is the most dangerous, deadly, and addictive thing on the planet. I would not be surprised if the Sin'dorei become addicted to it and we have to call them the Azerite Elves.

Tomorrow I travel to Boralus via the portal network to look at the reports myself and perhaps get access to their spelltomes to see if they have anything that I might be able to use.


Day 03: Setbacks

Unfortunately, I was unable to procure the research tomes that the Tidesages have used. The Tidesages cited that it was a security threat to release it to the 'public'.

Looks like I'm going to have to do this the hard way... The spellwork, not the tome part.


Day 04: Invocations

Through Draconic Invocations, I am able to harness some of its power. However it is uncontrollable, I am unable to refine it into a beam, and the most that I can get is a large burst of Magic centered around myself. This is far more powerful than my usual burst of Magic while trying to defend myself.

Through High Thalassian I am able to focus less energy, however I can narrow it down to a cone in front of me.

For this much power, I will definitely need a Ritual Circle underneath probably the maximum power while still being able to be mobile.


Day 05: Innovation

I've gone back to the Cabal's archives with Draconic-Thalassian incantations. There are a few of them however, they require immense power, focus, and can easily backfire. Though, I've noticed a consistent problem with the incantations, they don't bridge the 'ruk' sound between the individual words of the incantation. I think this might be setting them back a bit.

I've begun testing once more. It seems that my incantations are starting to work. Through both incantations I'm able to channel a beam of magic for a few moments. The estimated damage that it can do is... critical. The Magic-Resistant armor that the training dummies wear was nearly broken by the sheer magical force alone.

I can still push further, I can get more power out of it.


Day 06:

I've continued my research on the incantations. It has been quite some time since they were last 'updated'. I've placed in new incantations (as well as my current) into the research and I've begun to finalize the Incantation.

The spell drains almost all of my energy, but that is to be expected of a spell of this power.

Now I need to get the preparations in order, figure out if I can cast a more 'mobile' version of this spell, instead of it requiring a Ritual Circle, I'll save that for tomorrow.


Day 7:

I've figured out how to prepare the spell, fortunately.

First, you will need to create a Ritual Circle / Rune of Power beneath you. Fortunately a scroll of Rune of Power is sufficient. Then, you will need to hold the Azerite Chunk outward, arms stretched, elbows locked. You will then channel your energy into the chunk as you speak the incantation. It is critical that you do not mess up the incantation or the spell will fail and the energy will erupt around you, likely killing you and anyone close to you.

You must keep your feet planted and focus on the chunk and the beam. It will only last for a few seconds, but it will feel like an eternity. As you feel your energy drain, you'll want to keep casting the spell however you must resist this. After three seconds the spell will be over and the shard will be incredibly hot. Hopefully your allies was not in the way of the beam.

The damage that this beam causes is lethal to the extreme. Anti-Magic armor can only barely dampen it before being overloaded. Anti-Magic barriers as well crumble before it.

Such power must come with responsibility however. To use such power will create despair within the enemy, and distrust within your allies. What would happen if you had this spell and decided to turn on your allies? They would unlikely be able to stop you, they would first betray you and have their mind at ease, than to have that lingering doubt in their mind.


Lieutenant Melanie Witherseed
Wizard of Sarceline
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